Saab announced that three new SUVS are on the way

In a conference developed this week, Saab announced that in 2017 it will produce an electric version of the 9-3, while 2018 will reach three new SUVS.

Saab-SUVNEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden) just announced its plans to launch a electric version of the Saab 9-3 towards 2017 which will take com the basis of the current model. But the real changes for Saab will arrive in 2018, when you get to the market the first of the products developed on the new platform Phoenix, an architecture specifically developed for the use of electrical propulsion systems.

while by now there are not too many details, Saab has plans to launch four models based on the new architecture. Among the new products will a fastback of medium size, a compact SUV, a SUV of medium size, and a large SUV for family size. All of these products will benefit from a system of electric propulsion and will be produced both in plant Trollhättan in Sweden, as well as in the Tianjin in China.

This new family of products will be initially marketed in China and Europe, but the company has planned its return to the united States, in addition to other international markets.

The only drawback is related to the so it is not yet possible for NEVS the use of the name Saab, but ensure that the conversations in that sense have still not ceased. It is expected a strong investment for this project, at the same time that about 600 employees will be added to the plant of Sweden during the first months of 2016, in the framework of one of the amas strong industrial investment in that country.