Saab signed an agreement to sell 150,000 cars to a chinese company

Saab 9-3 NEVSNEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden), the company that owns Saab since 2012, it seems that you will be finding the direction to strengthen the Swedish brand that was on the verge of disappearing. After many efforts, they develop some agreements that seem to shed some light on the project, as the intention of the Saab 9-3 on the bases of the first car Turkish or the recently signed agreement with Panda New Energy, a chinese company of renting.

The firm has announced a contract of approximately 11,000 million euros, with Panda New Energy to supply up to 2020 no less than 150,000 units of the Saab 9-3 electric. In addition, in this period, they manufactured also to 100,000 additional units to other companies associated with Panda & NEVS. This type of agreement will allow Saab to regain some normality, due to the significant volume involved, in addition to take an important step forward in terms of the implementation of the business model.

saab-9-3-electrico-nevs-1Saab has always had complicated its revival, since which started out with a new model, the Saab 9-3, is already outdated in many aspects. However, the efforts seem to bear fruit and the new agreements will allow to fund the upcoming objectives of the brand. Recently, Mattias Bergman, president of NEVS, said that of face-to-2018 Saab intended to launch no less than five models, including the Saab 9-3 electric.

other four models consist of a family of SUV, with different sizes and styles but with a common denominator, the electric propulsion for all of them. Not known details about these models that, according to some sources, may even be sold under a different brand name and with a special focus on the chinese market.

Source – Automotive News Europe