Safety: The wheels of imitation are a hazard: the test video

Mercedes is one of those brands that has a large number of manufacturers that mimic their tire models. Many customers want to show off in their vehicles tires as attractive as those who ride Mercedes-AMG-but when your pocket does not allow these whims sometimes end up buying imitations.

From Australia comes to us a video of the manufacturer itself in that compared the quality of these wheels are original AMG with other imitation, both 19 inches in diameter and mounted units Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake the same.

As you can see, after passing a tunnel at 50 km/h the imitation are suffering with an important notch in the side , in fact the broken piece flying through the air, while the original tires seem to resist without much effort.

The representation in this case is quite graphic as we can see how the impact affects an area very visible from the tire allowing us to see clearly the difference between grades. But what is most worrying in this type of tire of lower category are the malformations that are not in sight that can be be generating and compromise the safety of our vehicle.

The wheels and tires are the most important elements of what we normally think. Are the nexus of union between our machine and the asphalt where it moves and the quality of them can have a major impact on our safety and security. This video is proof of that.

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