Sailing the seas in silence with a launch power thanks to BMW i

you May have already had the opportunity of driving a hybrid car or electric in complete silence. It is an interesting experience the pressing the accelerator and did not receive any type of sound from the hood of the car. Well, now imagine the same thing but driving a boat electric across the sea. The feeling has to be unique, only you and the sound of the waves. This is what it feels like to sail on the Kaiser, a boat that moves with the same high-capacity batteries used by the BMW i3.

boat electric Kaiser K-625 is the fruit of the collaboration between BMW and the German home Center. BMW Group supplied its lithium-ion batteries from the factory in Dingolfing to its electric motors and hybrids. Thanks to this, the boats equipped with them can yield up to 160 HP without emitting any pollution or the air or the water through which to navigate.

The batteries of the BMW i3 in the motor boat electrical

The manufacturer of propulsion systems, nautical Center uses the batteries of the BMW i3 94 Ah to store energy from your Deep Blue, a few electric motors of high performance. These batteries are composed of 8 modules, with 12 cells each and have nine years of guarantee for the 80% of the initial capacity, even when they are used every day. Despite the fact that its weight and dimensions have not changed significantly with respect to the previous generation of i3, your capacity has increased more than 50% to 33 kWh.

All the auxiliary systems of the battery, such as sensors, cables and connectors have also been developed by BMW. The same thing happens with the systems of warming and cooling that keep the batteries in optimum condition for its operation. As is logical, to be used in the aquatic environment Center is in charge of keeping the systems safe from sea water and of the further corrosion to which they are subjected.

As you can be, and the same goes with cars, a boat, electric also needs a place to recharge. His owners have to make sure to leave it in a port that provides service of electrical power for 24 hours. Center has not revealed the time of loading, but to be the same as used BMW i3 we can say that will be the same: a 3 hours with quick charge CA multiphasic 11 kW and almost 10 hours with a plug in household of 2.8 kW, as can be found in any home.

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