Sainz about his son: “I Wanted to go to Renault, but not have left”


Carlos Sainz has offered an interview to Wave Zero in which he revealed that his son was determined to go to Renault, but that Red Bull has not agreed to the transaction because it believes important to keep the madrid in the structure of the austrian to the changes that are coming in 2017.

For the champion Spanish rally championship, to be a pilot officer of a factory team like Renault was an important step in the career of Carlos Sainz, but Red Bull did not accept to lose. “it’s been pretty close because it has been a really interesting offer and he was determined, what happens is that Red Bull finally has left to leave, wanted to stay one more year and so is going to be. I think that entering in an official team as Renault is an important step but has not been able to be. Hopefully in the future be able to take the step of going to a team more competitive and able to fight a little bit more on top”.

Sainz is expected in 2017 will again give a similar opportunity, as they ascend to Red Bull is almost impossible with the long-term agreement that they have Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen, and a fourth year at Toro Rosso is, a priori, unfeasible. “The coming year could be a good year for Red Bull and they want to have someone in case something happens and they prefer that Carlos is. That is good for one side and not so much on the other. Enter a factory team is an important step in the career of a pilot and that’s why Carlos was very happy and very confident to have done it. Red Bull have young pilots confirmed for the next three years and the horizon there is drawn a bit complicated. Not to be that one of them is angry or go, it is difficult to make the jump to Red Bull”, concluded on the topic of Carlos Sainz, who this year will face again the Dakar at the controls of a Peugeot official.