Sainz admitted that the Toro Rosso was lugging a failure aerodynamic


Carlos Sainz was tenth in the qualifying session of the GP of Austria. The driver from madrid, which was adversely affected by the yellow flag of Romain Grosjean at the end of Q3, confessed to his termination that he had been one of the best ratings of the year, not by the result, but by the sensations that he had acquired from the FP3 and for the enormous progression that had been achieved in a circuit which a priori is not favorable for STR12. Carlos Sainz stressed the importance of the position of output achieved, above all, by the point from which they came.

Although in first instance it seemed that Sainz was a reference to the tense situation that has crossed with the staff of Red Bull and the crossing of statements with Marko and Horner, finally, the Spanish revealed in statements to the website of the Formula 1 that starting point so negative had to do with the STR12 and its aerodynamics: “If we look back, to Canada for example, could have qualified much better. In Baku I struggled with a problem that was already identified by the team and that thankfully is now resolved. Something with the aerodynamics of the car was not working“.

In the Baku fight against a problem, something in the aerodynamics of the car was not running

In this line, the pilot of the Toro Rosso added that luckily this problem aerodynamic was a thing of the past: “Was very clear when you look at the data that something didn’t work. Luckily, this problem is history, and when we got here I was confident that we needed to do it reasonably well. And step by step we have crossed our path to get these times“.

Logically, Sainz will not be admitted to what was this failure aerodynamic to the relevant question, although if you explained the consequences: “Would enter in too many details. What I can say is that it was an issue that made the car out consistently slow. Luckily we have identified and deleted. So if the progression of this weekend, keeps, pace had until now should lead to a reasonable result tomorrow“.