Sainz after the touch of Kvyat: “it Is something that should be internal”


Carlos Sainz has had a GP of Great Britain ephemeral, so short that it has finished in just one turn. That has been the mindset of the pilot of madrid in Silverstone, any time a good start has been answered by a touch of Daniil Kvyat. The Spanish pilot, who has been surprised by the aggressiveness of the Russian pilot, has not been able to avoid the mishap and has stayed out of the race. Cautious in his statements, Carlos Sainz has not wanted to raise controversy and has refused to discuss the accident with Daniil Kvyat who has not passed the fifteenth position.

Visibly upset, Carlos Sainz explained to the microphones of ‘Movistar+’ the bad taste in the mouth, dragging after her short career: “Is a site after a first-round decent end up with an accident. It is not what one wants. We have two problems in a row, two races without a finish. It is a streak that will end soon

This topic is not worth discussing it on the microphones because it’s not going to help anyone

despite the frustration after accumulating their second abandonment in a row, the pilot of the Toro Rosso has not chosen to airing dirty laundry in public: “Still there is no message on the part of the team. I think that is something that should be at the domestic level. This topic is not worth discussing it on the microphones because it’s not going to help any, so that it will stay within the team“.


Trying to do a positive reading, or at least not to repeat the offence in the collision with Kvyat, Sainz said: “there is No other to think in Hungary. I am optimistic, I believe that today we could have made a good career, although I’m seeing that not much is happening. Obviously, I like racing in Formula 1 and retire on lap 1 due to a problem outside of you does not like anyone, but this are the races“.

To conclude his intervention in the mixed zone, Sainz added: “I want to do so much more than this. I feel like this before, to be in the points and completing all the races of Formula 1, but as I said, when something happens like you can’t do anything against it. Can’t think of a lot of time in it, you must turn the page and think about the next race“.