Sainz: “All over the paddock believe that Alonso is one of the best of the historia”


Carlos Sainz came to the paddock the Formula 1 of the hand of Fernando Alonso who has always been a good friend of the family and that helped him to know the secrets of a world as complicated as the Formula 1.

Now Sainz has already been settled and begins to have a considerable amount of prestige, continues to have Fernando Alonso as a reference, and does not hesitate to praise his sports career. it Is as if I had won five or six titles). What you did with the Ferrari is something that many can’t do and what you are doing now with the McLaren is to get foot. No I think that has many can to do what he did with Ferrari in those years. What you’re doing now with McLaren is highlighting”, recognized in statements collected by Autosport.

Fernando Alonso won his last championship over ten years ago, but that has not appeased the respect and admiration that you have in the paddock by their achievements. His ability to get the most out of every car that’s been piloted and have been able to fight for titles which a priori is not within dispute, has made it possible to respecting him as a pilot with several more titles were. “The Campeonatos of the Mundo is just a number. If questions in the paddock, all agree that he is one of the best of the history. Championships depend on the car or you’re in the right place. What makes you respect your career, as happened with Senna, is your year on year performance”, was completed by Carlos Sainz in relation to their idol Fernando Alonso.