Sainz: “Any other year I would have been given a seat at Red Bull”


Much has been made of the future of Carlos Sainz throughout the season and that has been directly related to his excellent performance on the track. But the Spanish pilot, once he renewed his contract with Toro Rosso, has closed any option of leaving the team, among other things because Red Bull made it very clear that wanted him on their radar until at least the end of 2017.

The reason, in addition to by your talent and progression, is that the new regulation makes it more advisable than ever to have riders that already know the equipment and, if Daniel Ricciardo or Max Verstappen had a problem that stop them from competing, Red Bull wants it to be Carlos Sainz who replace them.

Carlos Sainz has reflected on this and several other topics in an interview granted to The Country in which he makes very clear his goal of ascending to a team official in 2018, whether it is Red Bull as if it is another training of the grill.

The option Mercedes

“I made the decision to continue in June and from that moment on there was no change of idea. My career is guided by Red Bull and they want to continue at Toro Rosso and I also want to continue one more year here. My chances of going to Mercedes was a case between one hundred, so that neither thought of it, neither have I eaten the head as it has appeared in the press with much comment and much speculation”.

Renault and the circumstances around his promotion to Red Bull

“Do a year in Formula 1 as I’ve managed to do is very difficult. That’s precisely why I hate that I don’t give a leap forward. We had a really interesting offer from Renault in the end was dismissed, both on my part as the Red Bull. This is life, you make a very good year and…If he had done this year in 2012 or 2013 I think that I get a seat in Red Bull’s head, but now the team is busy, they are very happy with the two drivers and I don’t have my post. With these results and this season, any other year I would have given a seat at Red Bull. So is life and so is the Formula 1 of complicated to understand. It remains only to be patient. Come”.

Compete is what is truly important, even though the car influences

“I haven’t tested the cars of ten years ago and I can’t say. The level of riders is very high and running against the 21 best in the world remains the biggest challenge for me. It is what motivates me most, whether in a kart or on a four cans (popular name of the Renault 4). This is Formula 1 and we are the best in the world. With any vehicle it is always very difficult to win and be the best. But, in spite of everything, yes we must say that the comments of the pilots who have put in many years in this they are on that line, say the cars are a little decaffeinated, missing those two or three seconds per lap that I think we’re going to have next year, and that are going to notice”.

The influence of the hybrid formula in F1

“For me, the hybrid formula has not helped. in the end, the sound and the roar of the V8 and V10 was something that appealed to many people. In that aspect it has been noticed the slump insurance. In addition, the dominance of the Mercedes also affects. If you already when you start every race you know perfectly well who’s going to win, it’s going to be a duel between just two drivers -Rosberg and Hamilton – to the people it costs you get caught”.

“To me it costs me because I have a different career every weekend that it is fighting for my eighth. I assure you that the racing there, in that area, yes they are funny, although perhaps not leave much for television. My victory, which were the sixth positions of Austin, Brazil and Barcelona, was well fought in racing super fun back there. It is a shame that Formula 1 did not see among the first because then yes that would be a lot more people.”

“The formula hybrid I was just not convincing at all. For me the steps that occur in the aerodynamics and tires face the coming year are positive. Missing many things to do, but you’re not going down the wrong path. I think it’s going to change for the better. We’re going to see a Formula-1 more spectacular, more physical, more similar to the one that we like to the pilots. We are going to lower the car more smiling, having lived what is a Formula 1, truth, quick, and hopefully running at the background during the whole race without having to save tires or gasoline. Therefore, I see it in a positive way but you have to try it and, until I do in Barcelona, I have the feeling that I will not be able to ensure that these changes have been 100% positive”.

The domain Mercedes

“That has always existed, in the days of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost or Michael Schumacher or Fernando Alonso. If they had not had the best car would not have been able to win the world cup. That has not changed anything. What yes it has is that before they fought for the title more riders and that, perhaps, when the Formula 1 had a world of boring, when the title fought over only two, as was the case with Senna and Prost, which I knew was going to win one of them, at least the car and the battle between these two riders were spectacular”.

Objectives for 2017

“The year is going to be very hard on a physical level, a mental level, at the team level… All of them are going to have to develop a lot of the cars throughout the season, which will be again of 20 races, with a lot of travel. But especially on a physical level hits a big change, the G-forces that we are going to suffer in the curves are going to be much higher in the braking. All this added makes this year because in winter we touch to put on the batteries, put extra hours and start training before you. To me, it motivates me, I’m a young pilot, eager and I do not represent any problem.”

“I’m going to reinforce all areas, not let me no. After my second year of Formula 1 I have all the points for reinforcing. I want to improve and become a pilot is still better because I have a lot of room. That the last season has made a very good year does not mean that I do not want to improve and continue to grow as a rider. My mirror is me. What I want is to improve myself to myself and look at the Carlos Sainz 2016 has done a very good year to try to improve even more in the future”.