Sainz: “Austin has been a text messages that you had to send”


Carlos Sainz becomes to be in the mouth of all after being, for some, the best pilot in the united States Grand Prix. The Spanish rider is completing a remarkable season in which he has earned the respect of the entire grill.

on what happened in Austin, Sainz is not sure if it was his best race, but yes asserts that has arrived at a moment of great need.

“it May be my best race, I wouldn’t know how to qualify it, this year there have been three or four very good and it costs me to put one ahead of the other. Austin was perhaps the more surprising because we did not expect it for nothing. Suddenly here we were in Q3 and fighting for the top five positions.

“I could Not prove (the soft compound) for the punctures, but has been the favorite all year and I asked them (the engineers) that in the race I cast whenever I could. But when there were still many laps to the end (26 laps) I thought ‘You have taken it to heart’“.

What Austin has been a text messages that it was time to instruct, with a second half of the season very difficult, it is perfect to get a career as Austin.”

In that same Grand Prix, the fifth place was in their hands until the penultimate lap but, with a few tires already highly degraded, and a motor of low power, the madrid native could not avoid being overtaken by Fernando Alonso. The movement and maneuver above on Felipe Massa’s created controversy, but Sainz believes that it was legal after all.

“it Was at the limit of legality, but within. It pulled like crazy, but it’s what you do if you want to overtake a Williams. I was going to the limit, but is within. Massa gave him more anger than normal because you know you could have been ahead, but perhaps he was not sufficiently alert. Fernando was climbing the walls before you pass me, I did not open the radio because, what for? All the world going by outside, but we’ll get to another circuit, and we will ban with sensors on all sides. Is what I don’t like, the way in which the FIA is managing, I think you need to be more strict and put a clear rule”.

Another subject of the present situation is the inability that many pilots have to participate in the development of the Pirelli tyres. Only three teams took on the cost of adapting a car to increase the levels of downforce and thus perform tests as similar as possible to what you’ll see in 2017, but in spite of this many are those who complain of not being able to participate.

“it seems unfair to Me that you have pilots already know how to work and others that don’t know anything. It is not the same feel to which you pass the data. These are things that must be sacrificed, that there is to do, but perhaps they had to give the opportunity to all over the world. There are many riders that have had option. I have offered to Red Bull, but maybe it is too late. The two-day test that will remain at Red Bull will be for their pilots. Although it is not an incredible asset, it is a small advantage that I would like to have, and may not be”.

Finally, Carlos Sainz has wanted to be prudent with respect to their options to repeat a great performance in Mexico, because the performance of the Toro Rosso it was amazing to be in Austin and would prefer not indulging in illusions in vain.

“I Prefer to keep the calm, of Austin is a cluster of circumstances that helped us. This circuit is perhaps the best of those that remain to us, with very curvy twisty, I’m also going with a parachute, but once in a while it helps in the curves. I have to have a good time and enjoy. If I am twelve for twelve and is already”.