Sainz believes that the limitations of the Toro Rosso will have “made stronger”


Carlos Sainz is gaining a lot of prestige this season,
especially after the departure of Max Verstappen to Red Bull, something that
in principle they were expected to be detrimental. Now, with the focus
media who grabbed Verstappen more focused on the Spanish
its good you are getting the most impact.

people tend to compare myself always with Max
and, honestly, I don’t care what he does or what happens to him in
Red Bull or what I was doing at Toro Rosso.
I Know
perfectly my performance, my abilities, and I always said that it was
matter of time being able to prove it.
I have been able to show it and
people have changed their opinion about me
. As
I said, it was only a matter of time and it finally happens now”.

statements, Carlos Sainz strives to highlight the great
talent and craft that exists between the riders they have to
see their faces in the middle area
of the grill, between the
stand out champions such as Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button or pilots
the likes of Sergio Perez, Nico Hülkenberg or Felipe Massa.

people forget that even though it is in the middle of the grill,
I fight every race with the two Champions
the World
and with riders who have finished on the podium as Perez, Grosjean,
Bottas and Massa, a winner of races: that is my battle
. To
people often forget that in the
half of grill, in reality, there is a lot of talent.
that I am proud of and that is why I feel that this year has been good,
because there have been many battles between
champions of the world half of the grill and we have made good progress


season is still complicated due to the low power of the
propellant Ferrari, they do not have any development, whether it is the
engine less powerful, even behind the Honda. All this has
made stronger to Carlos Sainz
, according to the pilot himself acknowledged

“I Am completing two seasons with the lower tip speed
of all the grill and I must say that it has made me stronger.
Compared to the start of last year, I am not the same pilot
the races. I’ve learned how to manage many things in the race
and I think that my recent results show
. I’m in
available to extract that little bit more that you might not expect

Sainz knows that, in the current situation, the opportunities that are
presented in track are limited and you have to take advantage of them, because it is
likely that you do not re-submit
. With this in mind, the Spanish
it has gained in consistency and effectiveness.

“This situation has made me a more rider strong and more
consistent in the races. allow you to less errors and you have
to make sure that, when you have the opportunity to overtake,
you have to get it
. You may have only one opportunity in the whole
the race to overtake a Renault, when you make your stop, and (your
opponent’s) is with used tyres. Even if you don’t have to speed
tip, you must get it”.

The Spanish rider is currently in the eleventh square of the drivers ‘ championship, ahead of Grosjean, Alonso and Kvyat and
with Hülkenberg, Massa and Perez precediéndole.