Sainz defends Red Bull: “they are Not bad, I owe them a lot”


Carlos Sainz form part of the present of Formula 1 in Spain, but it is the pilot of the future of the specialty in our country. The young madrid met Fernando Alonso with ten years of age and, at that time, revealed to his father the dream that I had: to be World Champion.

in an interview In ‘El larguero’ of the String, Carlos Sainz told that, to comply with “ten years ago I met Fernando Alonso and as he that does the thing I told my father that I want to be World Champion, that I wanted to be like Fernando Alonso”. But their friendship does not do that Sainz be more careful on the track when both are found, something that, according to Toro Rosso, if at any time it comes to pass, it will indicate a problem. “It’s one of the things that the less I stopped to think about this year, when you’re in the race you do not realize that it is Fernando Alonso, at the moment that I realize, flaquearé. My head is not what it assimilates, for me it is a McLaren that we must pass over”.

Sainz had a very serious come to Renault in the place now occupied by Nico Hülkenberg, but neither Red Bull nor the Carlos decided that it was the right time for this. “there Was an option very clear and very attractive which was that of Renault, which came in June. The offer was considered and in the end was discarded because it was still too soon and had to see what was happening in 2017, and because Red Bull did not do any grace to let me go. What I thought with my team, my father and his company and said that, for very attractive outside, you had to have patience”, said Sainz.

The young driver program of Red Bull has always been very criticized for its high requirement with the pilots that make it up and because, according to many, has damaged more runs than he has driven. Sainz is not in absolute agreement with this assertion and points out that “we’re leaving as the bad guys, and none of that, we owe them a lot. The most important thing is to focus in 2017”, in relation to the refusal of Red Bull to let go of Toro Rosso.

In 2017, Toro Rosso aims to finish the year among the top five teams and Sainz still sees Mercedes as the team to beat. “Mercedes is the reference, Red Bull, we’ll see. The logic says that McLaren should take the leap to fight with Ferrari if they have not advanced much. It is now of the days that the more tired I am. I have three weeks training. I have to take a step in the physical form. I’ve done swimming and two hours of karting to 180 beats in which I burn 1000 calories”, commented finally Sainz in relation to their physical preparation.