Sainz denies that there is interest from Mercedes and Williams


The excellent season that Carlos Sainz has completed in 2016 aboard the Toro Rosso has led it to be one of the names that have appeared in the pools to replace Valtteri Bottas or, even, Nico Rosberg if the Finnish driver may not finally terminate its contract with Williams.

In statements to, Carlos Sainz has wanted to run away from the rumors and claims that there has been no real interest in hiring you by Mercedes or Williams. “No, there have not been many contacts so to speak. From what I have read in the press -I have not spoken with Red Bull – they were not very by the work of letting me go anyway”, he said the Spanish, leaving clear, therefore, that Red Bull completely closes the door on any scenario that is not to see Sainz in Toro Rosso in 2017.

“The pilots in order to contribute more than what is seen at a technical level”

One of the debates that have developed after the withdrawal of Nico Rosberg of the Formula 1 is if Mercedes will notice your loss for their excellent technical contribution, something that according to many analysts, Lewis Hamilton is supported. Carlos Sainz, however, believes that Mercedes should not worry at all. “right Now, with the level of riders that there are in the grill, gives equal to have one than to another. It is a grill with a lot level and put who put it, Mercedes with the advantage that I had this year, if not win Hamilton would win the other. If it was Mercedes, I don’t worry so much”. The Spanish think that the high level of the grill is that there is little difference between one or the other pilot, but claimed the role of his colleagues and himself in the development of the cars at a technical level. “The pilots in order to contribute much to the technical level, I think that most of what people see from home, what happens is that there are 22 riders who all know how to do this, that’s why I say that is not going to be a lot of difference. I do not say that do not contribute, we do a lot, but with the level of riders that are there now, there will not be much difference”.

“I Want to open the doors of a big team, hope it is Red Bull”

Finally, Carlos Sainz wanted to qualify in front of television cameras, among other means, SportYou, your words about your interest in moving to Mercedes or other large equipment in 2018. The Toro Rosso wanted to make it very clear that their main goal has always been to win with Red Bull and that only if that is impossible consider other options. “My number one goal going to make a good 2017. I look forward to a year with a new car, with new rules and try to make a year just as good or better than this in 2016 -that will not be easy – and from there opening the largest number of doors to go to a big team. Hopefully that team is Red Bull, is that more illusion would make me and most of all I would like to after three years at Toro Rosso. And if not, as I have said before, and I have seen that I have been able to misunderstand a little, opening the largest number of gates possible in the face 2018”.