Sainz, following criticism by Red Bull: “things have been taken out of context”


The Grand Prix of Austria is still much more turbulent than expected for Carlos Sainz, but by what is happening outside of the track on the strictly sports.

The Spanish rider said Thursday that considered unlikely to continue at Toro Rosso for the fourth consecutive year and not shut down the door of another computer pointer if Red Bull did not have him for 2018, something that has angered the strong men of the austrian brand.

Both Christian Horner, as Helmut Marko and his boss at Toro Rosso, Franz Tost, you have reminded Carlos Sainz through the press that Red Bull has paid his sporting career, demanding in addition to loyalty as a reward for all of this.

After knowing what happened, Carlos Sainz has spoken on the subject to the press load to the Red Bull Ring, considering that his words have been taken out of context. “these Are things that happen sometimes, on this occasion there must have been some misunderstanding or things have been taken out of context. They are opinions that I’m not going to change, but not to repeat, so you will need to slightly close the topic seeing what has happened”, commented initially the Spanish.


The declarations outside of the track have been subtracted prominence to the activity within it on the first day of practice in Austria.

Carlos Sainz has maintained the same speech from the start: he wants to get to Red Bull some day, if the well does not close the door to other opportunities if Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen remain as a pilot holders in the coming years. “I Maintain that my goal in life is to be a pilot of Red Bull, who I owe everything, that I am very happy with them, they are professionals incredible, I have friends already in here, but I think it is normal, human and a pilot competitive wanting more, is what Red Bull also wants in on your quarry of pilots, a pilot competitive that wants to step his career and there is nothing more to add to that. From there, who do want to understand it, not understand it”, said resigned from the Spanish.

it Seems that things have been taken out of context, maybe you understood me wrong when I said that it was unlikely a fourth year at Toro Rosso

as a general rule, any pilot of Toro Rosso remains more than three years on the team, which has always had the vocation of a quarry for Red Bull. The operator of this quarry is Helmut Marko, who has always been considered that if in three years a pilot does not reach the first team, it’s not worth to continue investing in him and must give way to other riders.

Carlos Sainz argues that thought to explain his sentence on the unlikely to continue more time in the Toro Rosso, and you think we have not understood his point of view. “it Is true that it seems that things have been taken out of context, maybe you understood me wrong when I said that it was unlikely a fourth year at Toro Rosso. What I wanted to say is that it would be unlikely to renew a pilot for the fourth consecutive year in a team that has twelve years of life in F1 and has always been known for developing young talents and that no one has been more than three years here”.

And in the light of this hypothesis, Carlos Sainz says not to know if his future will remain linked to the equipment in which it currently competes, while acknowledging that it is likely, given the circumstances. “That will happen or not, I don’t know yet. At the moment it seems that it is likely to happen, but didn’t say anything weird or anything that was strange, that has not been said already or that no one knows, I think that what they know and what you know you”.

¿Upset by what happened? Carlos Sainz says it does not and that, in any event, everything is forgotten when she gets the car and puts on his helmet. “I’m lucky that I don’t become angry by things of this kind, and do not affect me, I’m as pleased as the other day. In this sense, I am pretty quiet, you can see that I am not concerned too much with the topic and these things, once you put on the helmet and you’re going to 300 km/h does not give you time to think about a lot”, said the spaniard, who is currently ninth in the general classification with 29 points.

why should you be worried, upset or sad? That Red Bull I want is to be proud of

Carlos Sainz draws a clear conclusion of what happened: would not have gone from not wanting Red Bull to keep for their good sports performance. “so It seems, at least from what I know until now and I have been told is that they are happy, if they want to follow next year it will be because they are happy and it is the computer that I would like to be, so why should you be worried, upset or sad? It is to be proud”, said the Spanish on the matter.