Sainz: “For the moment it seems that we have a lot of degradation”


step-by-Step. After a GP of Bahrain in the finished not be comfortable with the car, Carlos Sainz has been progressing throughout the sessions free of the GP of China. Without making noise, and finding the best feelings at the wheel of the Renault R. S. 18, the rider from madrid has been able to take advantage of the car on his last lap of Q2 to sneak in to Q3, as it did in the first event of the year in Melbourne. Finally, Sainz will start ninth after beating Romain Grosjean in the round, decisive for the classification.

After the dispute of the qualifying session, Carlos Sainz looked after the press moved to Shanghai international circuit to evaluate their classification: “We are most happy that in Bahrain. Maybe I’m not 100% satisfied with the car because we still have some problems on slow curve. Maybe I lack a bit of confidence there. Nothing that cannot be resolved“.

despite finishing three tenths of H├╝lkenberg, who has been seventh, the fact of pass into the Q3 has been given to the pilot in madrid an extra confidence and motivation in the face of Sunday’s race, as the spaniard carlos Sainz has foreshadowed: “The race is tomorrow and I really want off because I think it’s going to be a lot of variability strategic as in Bahrain. Hopefully, we can make a good career and go back“.

however, Sainz also has been known to be cautious, because the problems of slow curve add up, at least for now, a certain excess of degradation in the tyres, which can affect you in the race: “For the moment it seems that we have a lot of degradation. It is perhaps the worst. We are suffering with the train in front of you in a long run, but tomorrow is going to turn up the temperature. Going to make more heat and that perhaps is something that may help us“.