Sainz: “I don’t know what is going on with Kvyat”


Carlos Sainz facing the complicated final phase of the season that awaits the Toro Rosso with the peace of mind of knowing that you have the contract already signed for next season.

The Spanish rider was renewed after the Grand Prix of Europe and now sees the end of the season with concern about the performance of the car, but with the peace of mind of having the confidence of the team. “it Is very important, because I feel that come the hard times until the end of the season. But having closed the deal just shows that the team believes a lot in me and the team is also working hard in the coming year, to give me a good car”, stated the pilot of the Toro Rosso in a statement to GPUpdate.

despite this, Sainz acknowledges that it is not easy to assume that the results to come will be far below of what has been achieved so far, although still has hopes in being able to score points in Singapore and Suzuka, racing in which the engine power can be compensated with a good chassis and aerodynamics. “it is Not easy, as a pilot you always want tos advance, always
seek to improve and fight for, at least, the points. It is still our
goal, but my head, my experience and my feelings tell me
that is going to complicate each race. We still have some
opportunity, as in Singapore or in Suzuka, where we can, perhaps,
get more than just a top ten, but it’s going to complicate a lot”.

The problems of Kvyat

Daniil Kvyat arrived to Toro Rosso in the fifth race of the season after being replaced by Max Verstappen in Red Bull. That coincided with the first victory for the Dutch premiere with the that had been the car of the Russian and, in addition, with the best race of the year for Carlos Sainz.

The driver from madrid, who knows Kvyat for years, says she is focusing on her work and not I understood what could be happening to Daniil this year. “it’s Not my business. You don’t have to worry about what happens
in the next door, you only need to keep you focused on your
work. I don’t know what is going on with Daniil. For me, it began very
well, he was on my pace in Baku. In the tracks that you need
trust, he had to go fast, so it’s not as if you were
something odd going on, it’s Just not easy to fight in the middle of
, concluded Sainz, who has seven points more than his teammate in the standings.