Sainz: “In 2016 we will be able to better compare Max and me”


Photo: Toro Rosso

Less than a turn lasted the participation of Carlos Sainz in the race of Brazil. A new setback to add to a long list of problems that has hindered his first season in the top category of the engine. Earlier, she spoke with AS on his debut in Formula 1 and his future. His partner, another rookie, has nearly the triple points that he (49 vs. 18), and aims to finish the year among the top ten. How is Verstappen’s so good? Yes, but: “It’s good, you know that all over the world. But the next year we will have the opportunity to compare more equitably. This year we have had many reliability problems, and compare only by the points is not fair”.

you are Not concerned about what you may think Toro Rosso in that comparison, or at least that is what he declares: “There are many problems that you do not know the people, but rather the team, and that’s why I’m with a smile and very quiet. The Formula 1 is not a sport easy to judge, it is not just the results”. The madrid analyzed what has been lacking to the team Faenza to achieve the best results: “We had a good car, but the team missing a shot, have reliability, be more regular, to do better pit-stops… and I lack experience. What is important is that we have a good car and, with more power and improving the above, we can be one of the five best teams in the coming year”.

┬┐What are you waiting for future? Sainz assumes that you will keep your seat for the next course, and want to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves: “I’d like to get a podium finish, the first, in one of those crazy races that have been seen this year. It would be important to”. In addition to the next championship, has a desire in the ‘Great Circus’: “Alonso is the pilot perfect as a reference. It is very comprehensive, very good, and my goal is to one day be equal or even better than Fernando. Your figure extolling the Formula 1 and makes that our goals are bigger”. The bar is set high.