Sainz: “it gives Me a bit of anger that Ferrari and Mercedes are light-years away”


On the day of yesterday, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya took place in Madrid an event of presentation of the Grand Prize of Spain of 2017. Held at the iconic Westin Palace, right in the centre of the city, a day after a similar event most traditional in Barcelona. At this appointment, conducted by the journalist of Movistar F1 Naomi Miguel, he went to the Carlos Sainz, the Spanish pilot Toro Rosso, accompanied by Manuel’avinyó, the new president of the Royal Spanish automobile Federation, and Vicenç Aguilera, president of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Among other authorities, the public present was Carlos Sainz’s father, the world champion of rally.

The microphone, however, it fell to his son, who stood in front of the Toro Rosso STR10 with which he made his debut in 2015, and that was exposure in the room. “Very nice and very good memories, but it is a little thing. Compared to what we have today, have been a little small and seems to be of a lower category”. On the car today, Sainz showed “very satisfied, because the pilots we demand more from the physical point of view, but also, as you have seen, riding. Between team mates, each time there are more differences, there are more errors both in qualifying and in the race. We bring much more to the limit of our capacidad”.


the current situation in The championship, however, is a cause of some concern for Sainz, who believes that computers like yours have very few options to get close to the podium positions with the great advantage that both Ferrari as Mercedes have over the rest of the grill:

Gives Me a bit of rage to see that Ferrari and Mercedes are light-years away, or two seconds. That space so big between those two teams and the others is something that he fails this Formula 1 of today. When you see the margins and the budgets that they have, it’s a little bit to pull your hair out, because, with the regulations that are out there today, it is impossible for a Force India, a Williams or a Toro Rosso, to reach that level of competitiveness. I trust that Liberty and his team are going to try to put everyone into agreement that this will reducing and it is a championship where 10 riders could win a race”

In terms of your own performance, Sainz was considered which is having its “best start of the season until now. Obviously, three years of experience in helping. It has not been easy, because half of the grill is getting much more tight, but I’m enjoying it a great deal more driving the car this year, and that’s why the results are better. (The race of) China has been very good, I think my best race in Formula 1 up until now. We will try to make more Chinese from now on”.

Sainz knows, however, that for this purpose it will be essential that the improvements of your team to work as they should: I am Confident that Toro Rosso is going to place a little bit of your part. Will bring some good improvements, as all; I can only hope that ours will be better. Hopefully that will put us at the height of Williams, which appears as the fourth established team, and we fight for that top 8, which at the minimum failure of one in front become sevenths and sixths, as in the past year.

2.500 tickets sold for the Stairs, Carlos Sainz

last year, carlos Sainz won in Barcelona which, until then, was his best result in Formula 1, finishing the test in sixth position. Was the first very good race that I did in which I spent nothing. Been doing good racing from 2015, but this time not happened to me nothing strange; I did a very good qualifying session, a very good start, and in race there was a pit stop evil, not punctured a wheel, I was not a touch, not broke the engine… In that sense, in 2016, let me just spend a lot of things. Especially at the end of the year, when it was more difficult to draw results, I was surprised even myself by getting two sixth positions. For the moment, it seems that we have entered into that dynamic”.

For the second consecutive year, Sainz has launched the initiative “Grada Carlos Sainz”, allowing many fans have been able to purchase your ticket for the Grand Prize, in addition to a several objects of merchandise, for only 99 euros. This year, the promotion has expanded significantly in terms of the number of tickets made available, and the driver from madrid was satisfied by this: “The Slipway is a further help to all those who have a little bit more difficult during the year, and I think that we have given a great boost to all those who have always wanted to go to a Formula 1 race, and have not been able to for other reasons. When we took the last year, we came up with as a first test, to see who passed by. In three days, it sold 1.000 entries. I was totally amazed, I began to get messages of appreciation”.

“it Was so positive that I said: ‘next year, I want to do something even bigger yet,” and this year we have increased’ said Sainz. Already go to 2,500 tickets sold instead of 1500, and there will be people who repeat of last year; not only will you see a Formula 1 race, you’re going to have a great time. When I walked up to the stands last year, after qualifying, everyone was very happy. I remember, when I got third at the exit and I passed by the stands, I looked up at a light and they were all like crazy. They are memories that will remain forever

Manuel’avinyó: “Carlos and Fernando are the cornerstone of motorsport in Spain”

For its part, ‘avinyó, the appointed president of the Spanish Federation just five months ago, highlighted the work ahead for its new chief executive to help with the promotion of Spanish sport, with the added value of two national drivers in Formula 1: “The Federation is an organ of control and supervision of promotion of the sport. We have to stress that the competitions are conducted with the greatest rigor possible, in promote and develop the quarry, to make a true pyramid promotional, widen your base… This is something that I’m very patent, and we are working hard on it, especially in helping children. With riders of the caliber of Carlos or people who are already at the international level, the Federation has not, unfortunately, resources to continue to support his career.

“Now, the Federation has a renewed air of youth, in which we have to build, and what we are doing, that Federation 2.0. From here, there is a long and arduous task ahead”, commented’avinyó. “it Is vital to have figures such as Charles or Ferdinand; they are the referents for many children who want to start in the world of motorsport. It is always necessary to have a reference person, an idol to follow,, and we are fortunate to have these two great drivers. Are the cornerstone, because without them, we would not have the image and the illusion that is transmitted to these children who see these supermen, as I call them, their image for the day of tomorrow”.

Vincenç Aguilera: “Formula 1 feeling at home in Barcelona”

Opening the act, Aguilera emphasized the consolidation of Barcelona as a key centre in Europe for the teams of the Formula 1, at the level of precincts, and particularly in the face of the pre-season test, as discussed by winter weather: “Barcelona is a benchmark of motorsport, and in particular, of the Formula 1. The circuit is one of the offers more complete than there are in Europe, you don’t find a circuit to 30 minutes from the city so attractive in the whole of Europe, or of this dimension, which is a reference to all the pilots. When I talk with the pilots or builders, they all tell me: “We are home”. The Formula 1, when you are in Barcelona, feel at home, and it is very important that the teams decide that the Circuit is its reference to the tests of winter in the last phase of the development of the car, is extraordinary, and we are in the fight with all the circuits of the world.

Aguilera and his team are aware how important it is to create activities and entertainment, some out of simple competition in order to increase the attractiveness of the Grand Prix of Spain: What is important is not only to have the runs, if you do not get to do an event, and we have to ensure that, in the dead time, there is a lot of activity: music, castellets, laps of the circuit, the go-karts… they are the source of feed of the races in the world of motorsports, and many more, that make the stay at the Circuit more enjoyable. We are in a year of change, and we have embraced that change.

with Regard to the race, the president of the Circuit he would not get wet in excess: The hecho that, after several years, we come here with another color at the head of the championship is good, because it changes a little the monotony. I do not dare to pull out the crystal ball, because we are playing the tenth,and it is very hard to make a prediction on a sporting level, but for sure the fight will be fantastic, and I would like to that Carlos had a performance a little better than the last year, which would already be very good”.