Sainz: “it Was very hard to create a good impression in my first year”

In an interview granted to Motorsport, Carlos Sainz has reviewed the entire process that has led him to become one of the drivers most sought-after of the grill, intended for teams such as Renault, and is retained by Red Bull despite having a low long-term contract to Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen.

Sainz had moments of doubt before reaching the Formula 1 and came close to being expelled from the program of young pilots of Red Bull, but knew how to refocus and take advantage of the opportunity that the departure of Fernando Alonso of Ferrari will be put in their hands. Now, Sainz feels capable of anything and has more confidence than ever before in his career.

The confidence and the luck

“I have it, it is something that you need in F1. I have always had. Sometimes samples, sometimes you don’t do too much. Honestly, I think that I have it and now it is the turn of that proves Red Bull and Helmut Marko that I deserve a chance in a computer pointer”.

“If you ask all the pilots you are going to say the same thing: ‘I Want to be in a big team’. But I really think I can do it and I will continue pressing to achieve it. It is not so easy. That’s why I prefer to use words like ‘I will try’, or ‘I’m going to push to get it’. The phrase ‘I Want to be’ I don’t like. It doesn’t matter what you want to be! you Can try, you can do the best job possible, but you need to also a small amount of freee o of a coincidence that you put on the perfect time in the right place”.

“Is, perhaps, as Kvyat when two years ago went from Toro Rosso to Red Bull or Max this year in Barcelona. That little bit of luck of being in the right place at the perfect time to take the leap is important. And you need many more factors than simply perform well, so we’ll see.”

The hard work

“Is usually associated to coincidence and luck, but I prefer to think that it is a matter of work. I Spent a difficult year in 2013 because they had chosen to Daniil before me and gave me an ultimatum that he must win the World Series.

I Made many changes in my preparation to fly, and I eventually became the pilot that we see today. I won the World Series, but then there is the signing of Max Verstappen and it seemed that they were going to renew Vergne for another year to be mate of Verstappen”.

The destination… and Alonso

“suddenly began to happen things and, in reality, thanks to Fernando (Alonso). He left Ferrari, Vettel went to Ferrari, Kvyat was Red Bull and I came in to Toro Rosso. Of course there is something of a coincidence, but I really think that that title in the World Series and the performance of that year was the key to Helmut Marko”.

Face Helmut Marko

“Especially when you’re 15, you come to the program of Red Bull and you have to shake his hand to Marko and tell him how thankful you are for being on the program and promise that you’re going to pay. it Is difficult for a boy of 15 years. You don’t have the maturity to take on a type that is so important, that is why it is very complicated. But that allows you to build your character. From the age of 15 you have to meet with him, and even criticizes you and you have to cope with it. And spend year to year maturing, and trying to win each category, and to pay”.

Maturity accelerated courtesy of Red Bull

“all Of a sudden you get to the Formula 1. you Have 19 or 20 years old, but you feel as if you had 30 for the education that you have been receiving in those five years. It has its pros and its cons, but I think that has more positive than negative things”.

Max Verstappen and the analogy with Daniel Ricciardo

“I Think each situation is different, because Daniel already had three wins and everyone knows how good it is. My situation was different because of all the excitement that it generates a guy that comes to Formula 1, and both started from scratch.”

“it Was much more difficult for me to survive that year and I was really able to perform at a good level. Because it was very hard to create a good impression, but do in the second year and to take another step further was even more complicated. That’s why I think that in the circumstances in which I came to Formula 1, I am fortunate to have landed here. They were difficult circumstances, and is not easy to reach out and say, ‘look, here I am, and I have come to stay'”.

Better pilot thanks to engines of poor

“you can Not imagine how much I have improved in that area since Australia 2015. Then it was easy to reach and as a rookie put the excuse of not having enough top-end speed to overtaker, that it was impossible and that even with DRS as much as he could only match his speed.”

“After about 40 races in Formula 1, I found the road. I did not know how to forward to that I drew 20 km/h in top speed, but to find the place where you thought you could never spend, or use your battery and the DRS and manage the tyres better in certain curve is incredible“.

The future will reward

“I’m very thankful for it. I do not regret anything. I Think life just wanted to get two difficult years in F1, but I am convinced that it has made me better for the next two years”.