Sainz: “it Would be incredible that McLaren changed engine”


Carlos Sainz is just a few hours of leaving Melbourne to begin to prepare for the first Grand Prix of the season, but before has organised a meeting with the press in which he addressed all the current issues of Formula 1, including those pertaining to Toro Rosso, the new Renault engine or the surprising news that speak of a hypothetical divorce between McLaren and Honda.

The Spanish rider to acknowledge that the new cars are much more demanding from the physical point of view, in addition to point to Williams as a candidate to lead the intermediate group of the grille to the is confident that Toro Rosso would be in a position to score points in most of the races. This will have the Renault engine, this year has been redesigned in a 95% to be able to give chase to the Mercedes, but they should still win on reliability.

The physical demands of the new cars

“For more you to prepare in the winter, the first day that you get in your car there are always parts of the body that you hurt, because they are impossible to train in the gym, especially the derivatives of the forces G. The first day in Barcelona I ended up bruised, I hurt all over. Di 50 laps which I thought were 100 last year. Then the body is going to adapt, it has a memory and if what amounts to a program of training throughout the winter notes. The last day gave more than 130 laps and finished well. But yes I’ve noticed, the car is more physical this year.”

Balance of the pre-season

“it Has been difficult, a few test complicated. We lost a lot of time the first week because of details that we had a lot of time in the box. This can be noted with respect to the work of others, that they were going faster. The second week, we took a step forward in reliability and we compress the entire programme of work of eight days in four. , we Had to do it all pretty quickly and the last day the thing has improved quite a bit. Thanks to that last day we can go calm to Melbourne, but without that last day, I’m going to hide, he was caught by the bull”.


Prediction about the order of grill

“we Always say the same, the tests are worth little but that is going fast in the test tends to go fast in the race. Ferrari and Mercedes are a step ahead right now, with the permission of Red Bull. Williams has made a pre-season is very good and I think that can be the fourth team this season. Then there is a group in which we no longer have no idea who will be in front, if we, if Haas, if Renault -who has taken a step forward very big with respect to the last year – or Force India that are the theoretical favorites to win that job.”

“the more cars you have behind, best, and McLaren is one of the was convinced that I was going to be in front of us, is a big team with a manufacturer that you expect to be late or early you are ahead of Williams, Force India or us. But not because they are better or worse, but by the resources they have. When you have seen them behind… I’m sorry to say, but it is better for Toro Rosso, a rival less. I am here, I fight for my interests and my positions. In this race will give us a little advantage to catch them some point. I don’t know, for me it would be tremendous (that McLaren changed the engine)… an amazing thing for Formula 1, I can hardly believe it.”

The Renault engine

“I would Not say that the problems are solved at 100%, but with patience and confidence things will improve a lot, when working with desire and knowing what you do. the second week of The test had nothing to do with the first. That’s why I’m confident. Do things right and when you see that your official team also takes steps forward, gives you confidence; they are fully concentrated on the Formula 1. We can come to Australia and suddenly go back to having problems, but that’s not going to remove that you have to continue to have patience and give them a little time”.

Fernando Alonso

“I wish Him the best and if I do not win I the World I would like to win it. Has had a winter very hard, but nor do I doubt that with the resources they have at McLaren of this they will have to leave some day, sooner or later. The F1 one career to another can change a lot”.