Sainz recognizes problems of reliability “by both parties”


Carlos Sainz sees the light at the end of the tunnel after a first week of test disastrous for Toro Rosso, even, led the team to complete less mileage than McLaren-Honda.

But, although the day was positive, Sainz acknowledges that there are still problems to solve, and that such disadvantages are the responsibility of Renault, as a team. “Today was a lot better compared to last week. Definitely took a step forward in terms of reliability. We have managed nearly 100 laps so it is much more positive. Even so, there are some small problems, a little by both parties, there is still some water problems, but much less than last week”, said the Spanish to the press after 98 laps at the Catalan track of Montmel√≥.

Delay in the program

But Sainz does not believe that the only problem with Toro Rosso is the reliability, because the backlog means there is still a lot of homework to complete before undertaking the first Grand Prix of the season. “I Think that the main concern for Australia is not only the reliability, also there is a huge list of things that we have to point to get prepared. In four days there are few changes you can make to a motor of F1, but they have adapted to the problems to correct them and have come here with solutions, momentary to be able to complete our program of test”, ” said Sainz praising the capacity of reaction of Renault.

Sainz knows that the top three teams from 2016 remain unaffordable, but expect an intense battle for the fourth place and is convinced that Toro Rosso can get it. “it Seems that we are all pretty close, although the top three teams are in another world compared to the rest. Our goal is to be in fifth place and now have to be ahead of Williams, McLaren, Force India and Renault”, said the Spanish pilot, who will get in the car and on the last day to celebrate the Friday, march 10,.