Sainz: “Red Bull have to understand that my goal is to be champion”


Carlos Sainz lived a complicated time when Red Bull rose to Max Verstappen to Red Bull, as considered that he had done a job at least as good as that of the Dutch. The spaniard has explained all the process and their current aspirations as a signing guest at the portal of James Allen, a journalist of Formula 1.

“When Max Verstappen went up to Red Bull, people tend to forget that this happened after a hard period for me, not only by Daniil Kvyat. It was difficult to understand that I do not choose me. Was telling me that I am not as good as Max, when I think that I am just as good or better, as every F1 driver feels. It was a tough time for me, but I said to myself: ‘it Is the time to show what I can do’. The following three runs were the best three of my life in F1 right after that bad time, which was also important to me and, since then, I’ve gone on improving and developing the situation into something that would help me”.

Sainz also recognizes that Max Verstappen is a reference that serves to understand what it is capable of, as both were very even when they were together in Toro Rosso. The spaniard has always had as a goal to be a champion and expected that Red Bull -which recently prevented him from joining Renault – understand that and will allow them to fulfill that dream, either Red Bull or another site.

“(Verstappen) is a reference and, when you see your results and what you are doing with a nice car, I think why can’t I have the same thing. I understand that the situation with Red Bull is very difficult; they have two riders very good and, obviously, it is not an ideal situation, but I think that Red Bull, my environment, all have to understand that my goal in the end is to be World Champion and start fighting for those podiums and those victories, for that is what I am here. Perhaps it is optimistic, but it is the nature of every F1 driver. Only you want to win, especially after all of this time I’m going through.”

For Rosberg, as good as Max

The current leader of the championship, gave an interview in Suzuka to the daily newspaper Ace, and talked about Carlos Sainz and how he sees his performance in what is already his second year in Formula 1. “He is very good, very strong, but the situation is difficult for him because he has not been given the good car for driving as with Verstappen. But when they were together, Sainz did very well and were very similar. I think they are as good as the other one, and I am convinced that he (Sainz) also will be one of the pilots good of the future”, said Rosberg, who has 33 points advantage over Lewis Hamilton in the overall standings of the championship.