Sainz: “Renault has told me that the engine is going to evolve quite”


Carlos Sainz finished the preseason with a good taste in mouth after you exceed the 100 laps at the circuit of barcelona in Montmeló. The pilot Toro Rosso could even make up a good part of a race simulation, although this was interrupted by a fault that, according to the pilot, was scheduled and planned.

Toro Rosso aims this season to get a finish among the top five teams and Carlos Sainz is well aware that the competition is extreme this year, but he is confident in the team and in the evolution of the Renault engine, which has already shown its potential, especially with regard to Ferrari 2015 used last year by the team of Faenza.

Good end time and program completed

“More that that 1:19.8 -we knew that it would end up coming as you pass the days, and we could develop the car-so, I’m happy for the 132 laps. We have finally been able to complete our entire program virtually without a hitch. We can go to Melbourne a little more quiet”.

The fault is not concerned about

“we Had almost planned that the car stops, have been virtually forced. We were able to perform a simulation of the race almost at the full, I am happy with the mechanics, taking two weeks working as a in their lives to solve small problems that kept on coming, finally have had a quiet day in which to enjoy a little more”.


The car will come good in Melbourne

“I Think that in Australia we are not going to have a car too different from today. What we have is enough to start the season and then it will evolve. We have done less laps than our rivals so I think we have the potential for you to discover”.

The objective of the fifth

“it Is soon to say. Renault has made a step forward very big compared to last year, Force India was in front of us at the end of last year, Williams have a car very full, Haas takes advantage of the Ferrari engine. The fifth position is going to be extremely complicated, but I am confident that both the team and I can get it”.


The tip speed

“it Is true that we still remain concerned, a little. We have not recovered all that we lost last year. I think that we have recovered the half thanks to the engine that we have this year. No longer are 20 km/h, I think we are now between 8 and 10. It’s pretty, but already it is less. Now we know why we take so much and evolve.”

“I Hope that the power to evolve the engine does not make us fall back as much as last year. We are no longer stuck with a power unit, this is going to evolve quite a bit according to said at Renault”.