Sainz: “Rosberg so exaggerated, but many of us do the same thing”


Multiple have been the reactions to what happened at the Red Bull Ring last Sunday, especially in regard to the
possible team orders stemming from what happened. Carlos Sainz, however, has gone a little bit further, stating that the
maneuvering was not so outrageous as it has been interpreted

“To me I have done it many times and I do it non-stop, is the nature of advancement

“I see it from the point
of view of the pilot, and many do, and we do that makes Rosberg in
each of the overtaking. Rosberg
what exaggerated, that’s why I give more blame.
That is what makes the balance shift more toward him, but not
it is (as to form)
the madness that has become
the world of Formula 1 against Rosberg. It is all a matter of
balance, Rosberg
it happens under braking, but it is something that is always that going for
within to
try to have better output than the other. Hamilton,
very cleverly, tour because he knows that if he had a choice
of advance, passed forward on that curve,
I was not going to have another opportunity.
that is why I give it a little more of the blame
to Rosberg. To me I have done it many times and I do it non-stop,
it is the nature of advancement. What
that makes Rosberg has also made Hamilton a lot, maybe not as
exaggerated. It is not for both”
stated Carlos Sainz
about the maneuver that has resulted in a cabinet crisis in

The team orders have
existed in Formula 1 since its inception and will not go away
never. Sainz thinks so and, in addition, admits that his team tends to
use. “Yes,
we have team orders, and it is something that not normally
we use, but we have them.
The essence of Toro Rosso is, especially when you’re in
different strategies, to split the cars
in two strategies
totally different and the point of that is that a car is not
the strategy of the other
. Toro Rosso likes to use them to be
sure that you do not spend time behind your partner. When
we have different strategies, we use them. It is
very unsatisfactory and very frustrating for a pilot (assign
the position), but when
you’re quite mature and quite professional, there is another
. Once
I also did the opposite, not following them, but usually you do”

Its evolution and importance
James Key

Sainz has filled many pages
with its great progression, especially after the departure of Verstappen to
Red Bull, which has allowed it to draw more attention from the press and
hobby when not having next to him a pilot greatly in the media.
The Spanish think that your evolution as a pilot has been remarkable and
that has improved in all aspects. “In
the second-year improvements in all areas, but there are
areas in which I have had to improve more than in others. By my
consistency is one of them.
I have Still to work on that because in
a year you’re not consistent at 100% and I’m not this year,
so still working on it
, but I have given
a great step forward in comparison to last year. In
of performance this year I am in a much better situation,
these last few races have shown”

“I’ve taken a big step forward in comparison with the last year

The next season, with the
change of regulation and the return to an updated engine as it is the
Renault, promises to be interesting for the team of Faenza, which
it will count with the help of Red Bull Technologies to address a
season so radically different. Sainz is excited about and
points to James Key as the key piece. “I Think
Toro Rosso is going in the right direction, partnering more with Network
Bull can only bring positive things.
Red Bull has one of the best zagas of the grill. Also
I have absolute confidence in James Key and his team,
because in the section of the chassis have done a wonderful job
We should never forget that it is a big change of regulation and confident
in that
all of this will help us to take the
surprise next year and be one of the teams of the part
top of the classification. There is still a lot, but I think that
we are in a good position ahead of next season”

Toro Rosso has caught the attention of many in the last two seasons, with single-seaters very good level aerodynamic, although not so much in terms of power and reliability. For Sainz, a Key is required to consolidate the growth of the team. “For me, James Key
it is one of the most important figures of the team. Is the ideológo of
these last two cars,
that even having engines that were not of the best grill we have
managed to win teams with engines Mercedes or Ferrari
we know that you are a step ahead. I always say:
I wish I
James follow at Toro Rosso next year.
I wish him a future very good, but for the moment we need him