Sainz, sure that the physical shape will be decisive in 2017


Carlos Sainz expected to take advantage of their youth and their special
predilection for physical training to emphasize the next
season, in which the new regulation will encourage the riders
have to be more in shape than it is now.

what ensures at least the Spanish, who hoped the higher speed of
the cars and in your greater grip aerodynamic and mechanical key
for such a situation. Physically,
if you look at the speeds in the curves and the lap times that
we’re going to do next year, the human body will again be a
limitation, as it was in 2004 and 2005

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Sainz is one of the pilots that more care put into its physical form,
being especially fond of cycling. The pilot in madrid is
aware of the importance of this phase of his career and
expected to take advantage of the changing regulation to highlight even more.
could use to be a
young and ready to tighten
to make sure I’m in shape to do this
. The entire pilot will
like a faster car in the curves, but some
they will adapt better than others. I’m confident because I know that every time
I have been faced with
a step of category, I have been more strong
. as Well
the next year move to another category and I hope to be there
to take advantage”

Toro Rosso expected to leave behind this season in which to have a
engine outdated, it has brought many problems. The season
comes will have a Renault engine updated and the confidence in
James Key makes den almost certain that the chassis will be
competitive. “I have
hope. In Germany we shoot with a configuration of the low load
aerodynamics and, even so, we were the best in the center of the
grill, especially in the corners. I Know that Toro Rosso can produce
a good chassis next year and if Renault gives us the engine that
has this year, I have hopes. Such
time I am too optimistic, but I’m going to prepare myself based on the fact
I’m going to fight for the positions from the sixth to the eighth in each