Sainz; “The cars of 2017 seem to F1 of truth”


The radical change of regulations that the F1 is already preparing for
face in 2017 will make the cars change their look by
full. To the wider tires you will join a streamlined look
more aggressive and the cars are also wider and visually

Carlos Sainz asserts that, after having seen how will be the car of
the next season, it seems another top category to the
current Formula 1. Pirelli is already working on tires
considerably wider, something that has allowed us to see sketches
of what we can expect in 2017.

To carlos Sainz in the Formula 1 waiting for us the next season
it is as it should be on a visual level. “I have seen It in the tunnel
wind. I must say that it looks like the other category, is what the F1
need. The car of the year that comes seems to an F1 of truth. If the
cars are faster, will be very attractive”

The pilot Toro Rosso is enthusiastic about the possibility
driving cars noticeably faster, and you have
a theoretical downforce levels that will allow the
riders roll noticeably faster, especially in
classification. “The racing is probably a little less, but in
classification, if we can really go in-depth in the curve 3 of
Barcelona and close to go in depth in the curve 9, for example, will be
fantastic. Will require much more of ourselves and a return of
classification will be more fun”

while the type of competition which is not expected to be very
other than now, as there will be continue to preserving tyres
and fuel, Sainz does not believe that it necessarily has to be bad,
it has a certain charm to the possibility of influence in the different
strategies.“I Am sure that we will still have to manage the
tires and all that, I don’t see that this will change soon. We
we have become accustomed to that and in some way it is fun to manage and
to be able to create at times strategies of three stops in place of