Sainz: “The change of philosophy in 2017 depends on Pirelli”


The own Fernando Alonso has made it very clear that only continue in Formula 1 if the current philosophy is based on the conservatism changes in 2017. It is obvious that the cars are going to be, in function of the simulations, between three and five seconds per lap faster. Drivers such as carlos Sainz and Buemi have pointed out that, in addition, will be much more demanding on a physical level. But the reality is that many doubt that the races are going to change in the way its played, especially in what refers to conserve fuel, engine and tires.

“Sure that the pilots we’ll have fun more”

Regardless of that, Carlos Sainz you are sure that the pilots are going to have fun with the new hire, as he has declared to As. “If you apply the numbers that we have in mind in the simulator in terms of levels of grip, aerodynamics, tires… the only thing I can say is that it’s going to be a car much faster, perhaps at the beginning of year three seconds, and after four-and-a-half or five at the end, I don’t know, but they sure are cars faster, and pilots we’ll have fun more”.

But roll faster over a lap is one thing, and enjoy racing to the limit another. In 2017, the regulations will allow teams to have more fuel to compensate for the increased aerodynamic load and, therefore, the resistance to the advance, the new cars will generate. But Sainz doubt that that will be enough. “I don’t know if this will change the philosophy of the F1, there will be five litres more of fuel, but it will go further. So, unless Pirelli change much in the philosophy of the tyres and the consumption is much lower, I complicated that to change radically in order to return to what it was in the years 2005, 2006 or 2007”.

And that is to Sainz, the key is in the tires they build Pirelli to 2017. If you are similar to the current ones in terms of degradation and sensitivity to this effect when the cars roll with turbulent air, the pilot of the Toro Rosso thinks that things will not change too much. “Depends, above all Pirelli, because in the end what gas I do not know to what extent it will, but the tires are critical,”, concluded Sainz.