Sainz: “The return of Kubica would be a great news for the Formula 1”


The hypothetical return of Robert Kubica in Formula 1, seems to be increasingly likely to be true and the Polish pilot will perform a new test with the Renault team to assess to what extent it is feasible to be able to compete at the highest level.

Several of his colleagues were asked about the topic on the official conference of the FIA in Austria and all of them were thrilled with the possibility that Robert Kubica can return to be a pilot of Formula 1.

Felipe Massa already competed with the Polish pilot during his stay at Ferrari and it is very clear that Robert “it’s a great pilot. Demonstrates the talent that you have, shows that might have to be on a great team, contesting for wins or even championships”.

however, the brazilian has the same doubts that everyone: to what extent can recover its performance with the permanent injury of your arm? “it Is very difficult to know if you have options to come back because we do not know with accuracy how is your arm, how strong you can be, you have to make a full season. I have seen Robert twice in the last few months, since I had the accident, so it’s hard for me to say”, has admitted Felipe Massa.


Robert Kubica re-feel pilot of Formula 1 and wants to return to competition.

“it Would be fantastic for Formula 1 to have you back, but I really hope that you are in a real position to return the right way and strong enough to complete a season”, ” said the brazilian of Williams, which highlights the complexity of having to cope with a full season.

Max Verstappen has not coincided with Robert Kubica on the track, but has made clear his admiration, and how positive it would be to have laps on the grills. “it Was a great pilot and I think that it still is, even with the injury you have. I think it is also a fantastic person and could have had a great career if I had not had the injury. Always it would be good to have him back, absolutely”.

Carlos Sainz, for its part, is expressed in the same terms, celebrating the opportunity that Robert Kubica will be with Renault and hoping that all of this is finished with the Polish pilot back to the grills. “I Think that is a great talent and it was a shame what happened and if you manage to get back in good shape, they would only be good news for Formula 1”, said Sainz, who could prove to be one of the rivals of Kubica for a place at Renault for 2018.