Sainz thinks Alonso will have fun with the new cars


In a promotional event held this week in Madrid, Carlos Sainz has spoken of the current issues, among which highlights the progress of Bernie Ecclestone in the foreground of the Formula 1. The manager british has been removed from the Directorate-General and will be Chase Carey, who takes over his post from now on.

Carey is the visible head of Liberty Media, the company completed the sale of the Formula 1 this month and we have a long experience in the management of digital sports content. Therefore, Carlos Sainz believes that the category will benefit from this experience. “The Formula 1, as we know it today, is largely thanks to Bernie. Although it is true that now the technologies have changed everything. That’s why I think that a company like Liberty (Average) it will add that bit of freshness that you need the Formula 1 currently. Only I hope they go to better. And I am convinced that Liberty, with american style, you are going to give you that touch you need”.

a Large part of the success of the Formula 1 in the future will have a direct relationship with the new cars that will debut this season. More speed and more physical demands are points in favor of the change, but it remains to be seen if this joins the greatest show on track. “from what I have seen in the simulator, I think that the car will be more fun to wear. As a pilot who likes to go to the limit and that you like the fastest cars in the world, is the least that can be asked to Formula 1”, ” said Sainz, who also prefers to wait for the facts before I can predict if it will be more difficult to overtake. “I Am against that current that you think as well. If you have not tried these cars, how do you know if it is possible to proceed? I am optimistic and I am not concerned that”, said the driver from madrid.

Precisely one of its referring to fitness level, Fernando Alonso, has stated on repeated occasions that their continuation in Formula 1 will depend on what the new cars can offer and which, if not convincing, will put their efforts into another category. “I Think that Alonso will cost you to retire after testing the new cars”, ensures Carlos Sainz in that regard, having tested just this week the new car on the simulator Red Bull in Milton Keynes.

What the Spanish rider has been doing since the end of December is to prepare yourself physically for the new season, as the increased downforce of the new cars required greater physical strength to withstand the increase of G’s in the curves. “I Just had a week of rest. And all the christmas I spent in training. Normally I start the 3 or the 4 of January. But this time I’ve been since the 23 of December in the gym, because as you know many cars this year are going to be much more physical”.