Sainz: “we don’t Yet know the cause of the punctures”


The day of Carlos Sainz started successfully after a first session in positive, but in the second, the Spanish driver was not able to roll everything that I had wanted to after playing in the car of Daniil Kvyat punctures suffered in the previous races.

not find the cause, Toro Rosso decided that Sainz would never again go out on the track for safety. “In my car have not encountered any problems. This is the first time that the team and the FIA make the decision not to let me run for safety reasons. It is not something that I can criticize or lament. My car was fine, so it is very difficult to understand”.

The problem was apparently solved, because none of their pilots had problems during the race, both in the united States as in Brazil, but what is certain is that during the workouts continue to emerge punctures. “we Put solutions to seemingly solve the problem for the rest of the weekend. Happened in Brazil, hopefully the same here. But the real cause of those two or three punctures that we had is still unknown”, said Carlos Sainz before the press moved to Yas Marina, recognizing that you do not have confidence in the car until the computer notifies you that the problem has been solved. To solve the problem first you have to find the cause, and by now we have not found. We solutions but without finding the cause. If tonight I say that we know exactly why we have these pricks, I have full confidence. But we have not yet found the source. Until the team tells me that we have found a solution… try to do the best they can. Cleaned the parts that can touch the wheel and create punctures, overheating the tire, etc., Is what we have proven between the Free 1 and Free 2 and at least in the car of Daniil has not worked”.


Meeting with Pirelli and Charlie Whiting

This Friday in Abu Dhabi, the pilots have been met with Charlie Whiting and Pirelli to address the problem of rain tires, which according to many pilots are not good enough, especially in the case of the tire of rain in the extreme.

But Carlos Sainz believes that there is much to criticise Pirelli and try to help them, because they have to develop a tyre of the highest quality without having test relevant in the wet. “The pilots we’re not happy, but it is useless for us to complain and criticize. There are to be all together and help everything possible to create a tire that goes a little better in extreme conditions”, said the Spanish rider. “I Think we are all in agreement that in Brazil the water that there was not enough for one that had the accidents that we saw, so we must cooperate between all. Pirelli do not have anything easy, because I think they are the first in the history of F1 that they can’t do test”, concluded Carlos Sainz.