Sainz: “We have been the same since Hockenheim, we’re doing very well”


New ranking among the top ten for a car that is possibly not worth much. Carlos Sainz is squeezing his Toro Rosso to the maximum, and in the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez has beaten riders of the likes of Fernando Alonso or Sergio Perez.

I Am very happy, because for us to get into Q3 in a circuit like this, that we know that we’re not very there, it is great news. Want to say that you are doing things very well in these last races. We did not expect to pass the Q3 and we’re two in a row. It is something that after Spa, Monza or Hockenheim, we thought that we would not go back to smell”.

Sainz explains the revival of the team after a few races with difficulties to leave the last places of the Q2 on the great professionalism of the team, since the car has not changed since the Grand Prix of Germany, held in July.

We have been the same car since Hockenheim, maybe it’s confidence or motivation of the team, we know that with what we have, which is not much, there is that to try to finish the season as best as possible and we are doing good ratings”.

Sainz will have his compatriot Fernando Alonso and local hero Sergio Perez, two rivals and it is very hard to fight for points, but the Toro Rosso do not expect to be able to beat them for the more top-end speed with that feature.

“see, in theory, McLaren has 10 km/h of top speed it more than us. Force India fifteen, as we don’t win tomorrow… have the option of choosing strategy, you have everything to gain. To me it gives me the same. Be tenth is not something we expected, so tomorrow I’m going to go out to have a good time and see what happens.”

As the rest of the drivers, Sainz does not trust at all in the performance of the tire superblando, has behaved very erratically during the weekend. Despite being forced to use it in the first few laps, Sainz gives a good employee the sacrifice.

“The tire superblando is a wheel very difficult for everyone. Even in qualifying, does not work as expected, has been a headache for the entire session. We didn’t know whether to throw in the first round, suddenly the game used was better… But in the end we are in the Q3, which I removed as you dance and to see tomorrow”.

The state of the track nor has it helped and times have not evolved as expected. For this reason, Sainz believes that will be vital to study well all the information to confront the Big Prize with the least amount of questions possible.

“I’ve Hardly been able to improve a couple of tenths of my time of Free 3, means that the track has deteriorated, is the opposite of what we expected to happen. There are many things to investigate because they are going through things very rare here“.