Sainz: “we Lose over a second on the straights”


The latest runs are starting to be a pain for the
team Toro Rosso, who is located with the great handicap of having to
to compete with the engine of last season that do not receive
against the powerful Mercedes and Ferrari, along with
the reborn Honda and, above all, Renault.

“In the last three GP we had to experiment to compensate”

Carlos Sainz and Daniil Kvyat have had many problems in the
last races for the balance of a car lacking speed
tip and that should roll out very downloaded from aerodynamics to compensate
in the curves. “we Knew they would and I think I made some
racing back, but I think our performance was really
good in Silverstone and in Austria. In Budapest we managed to hide it.
In the last three races we’ve been having more and more problems,
experimenting a lot with the tuning to compensate for it”
admitted to the Spanish in statements collected by Motorsport.

In Hockenheim, Toro Rosso introduced a in-depth review
aerodynamics of his car that covered virtually all of the
areas of the car, but the low power of the engine minimizes in
to a large extent their impact on the final performance of the car. “Is
an update to produce downforce, but can’t
put more of the burden because we are clearly the slowest car in the
straight. we have calculated It and we are losing more than a second
the total of the lines. We are running with downforce
really low
. So no matter if you implement improvements to
to get downforce on the car because you really can’t
use it by loss of power, so you stay in the
same position”

“it doesn’t matter if we get more load, because we can not use”

The next two races can be a real pain in the ass to
Toro Rosso, for both Spa-Francorchamps as the Monza feature
long straights, where power and top speed are
essential. Despite this, Carlos Sainz did not lose hope and
think that might be good for them, to match the levels of
downforce with respect to the other teams. “Maybe
we have a surprise because we went to Canada and Baku, where all the
world needs downforce to lower the car, maybe even
we can be competitive in the curves. Maybe when we go to Spa or
Monza all over the world download the car aerodynamically and
we lose on the straights, but you win in the curves”

Currently, Toro Rosso is in the sixth position of the constructors championship, but only has three points
advantage over McLaren.