Sakhir and the Hungaroring are the tests at Montmeló and Silverstone


once the Council of the Engine of the FI has approved the sections of the regulation that specifies the conditions of the tests Formula 1 will be held in the year 2017, the peak body of the motor has confirmed scenarios the two tests sets that will be held during the season, as well as the test the post-season. Abu Dhabi, for convenience of location and conditions for these tests are kept regarding the past year on this last, but the tests europeans suffer an interesting change of location.

During the last years, Silverstone has served as a stage for the tests of the middle of the season, whether they were general or young riders. However, this test will be played in 2017 in the circuit Hungaroring, which has recently received a thorough facelift in its facilities and renewed its contract with FOM. The test Hungarian will take place after his Great Prize, the 1 and 2 August, postponing the summer holidays a couple of days for the teams and riders.

This announcement comes a few days after it is filtered that Silverstone examined the possibility of give up the Great Prize of the United Kingdom from 2019 because of the additional cost that represents your organization to the owners of the circuit, and the low profit generated, despite the good assists. Newly seated as the new head of the Formula 1, Chase Carey has guaranteed that he will do everything necessary to to keep the british Grand Prix on the calendar, although the continuity of Silverstone as a venue is a topic that generates more questions.

Furthermore, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, which held the first test of european after the last Grand Prix of Spain in the month of may as is prescribed in the regulations, lost their two-day tests during the year to the benefit of Sakhir, which will be held this evidence the 18 and 19 April. This, in principle, does not affect the position of Montmeló as the location for tests of pre-season, something that seems to be settled in the regulation limited these to Europe, while Paul Ricard is intended to occupy its place in the near future. In turn, the test of Yas Marina will take place after the end of the season, the 28 and the 29 of November. In the tests during the season, the only condition that is imposed to the equipments is the aligning to a young pilot whose experience in Formula 1 will not pass the 2 Big Prizes, in at least two of the four days of the test.