Saleen presents a widened Mustang from 760 HP to celebrate their victories with the model


road Version of the new version Saleen for Mustang 2017.

30 years Ago, the team Saleen managed to overcome the championships for pilots and builders of the SCCA ESCORT, the vehicle was none other than Ford Mustang, so to commemorate this date as an outstanding trainer has decided to create a new special version by way of tribute.

Saleen not only present a version of street hipervitaminada of the Mustang, in addition, will launch a version created specifically for the competition of the model.

After the kilometre-long name “30-Year Championship Commemorative Edition” we found a new preparation Saleen for the current Mustang 2017, in which, as is usual in the creations of this trainer we find traits typical of their models, such as the front, which has a new image on the front grille, which modifies severely the appearance of the Mustang donor.


we will Also be a version for the competition.

The engine is V8 Coyote 5.0-liter Mustang GT receives a boost, so that goes out of the 418 HP of the base model 740 CV (730 hp) in its variant of street and 760 PS (750 hp) in the case of the model intended for competition. The transmission is also enhanced, as well as the exhaust system.

Although Saleen has not revealed the full specifications at the moment, as is logical, the modification of the version of competition will be higher, because it will not feature the usual elements of the interior such as seats, trim and equipment of comfort as usual. In its place we will have seat-type bacquet racing safety harness four-points, roll cage approved and the apparent reinforcements, mechanical and frame, as a system of refrigeration more powerful.

Both models will have rims on white Saleen with tire G-MAX RS General Tire, a company with which Saleen has just signed a collaboration agreement. For the moment we only have these recreations in which we see some graphics in yellow and black, but these versions will be presented officially in an upcoming event, in which we will count with the presence of the team riders who achieved the feat in 1987. The prices have not been revealed at the moment, but its deliveries will begin in the month of September.