Saleen S7 LM, the back with a special edition of 1000 HP

Saleen S7 LM do you Remember the Saleen S7? What is certain is that it has already been a few years since the release of this supercar purely american. After you have had some legal and financial problems it seems that the brand of California will be back this same year. In addition it will come with a major innovation, a new vehicle known as the Saleen S7 LM. This is a special edition of its model-more mythical.

The acronym ‘LM’ mean Le Mans and refer to the last triumph of the mark in this test in the year 2010. This edition is expected to arrive with the bodywork in carbon fiber and dynamic enhancements that will affect both suspension as electronic. Also change your looks, as will look like a decoration specific, released new design on your tires and it will personalize your interior.

Saleen S7 LMIf we remember in the year 2000 was when it came to the Saleen S7 with a motor aspirated V8 7.0-liter. Later in 2006 he was presented the S7 Twin Turbo, which, thanks to the addition of the two turbos reached the 750 HP of power. Now, ten years later, it seems that the Saleen S7 LM will use the V8 7.0 Twin Turbo, although its power will increase quite a bit. The objective is to reach the magic figure of 1000 HP.

there are Still no official data of benefits, but they will be at the height of its condition supercar. The previous S7 Twin Turbo was doing the 0-96 km/h in 2.8 seconds and had a maximum speed of 400 km/h, so it is expected that the new model is exceeded. Although only a lucky few will be able to verify this, since the production of the Saleen S7 LM will be limited. will Only be seven units and its price will most likely exceed one million euros.

Source – Motor1