Saleen will be in the Hall of Los Angeles the sports S1

To many, the name of Saleen they will sound (incorrectly) to witchcraft and fiction. However, this name refers to a small manufacturer of cars american, based in a suburb of Detroit, which is dedicated to the manufacturing of sports and components for high performance vehicles. Its history is not very long but in between he has had to deal with a bankruptcy of the bit fails to exit.

Basically, their models were created on other of american origin. Ford has been one of the firms that have the largest number of bases you have been assigned, as the Mustang has become one of the emblems of Saleen. However, they have also created some models of their own, as was the case with the magnificent S7. It incorporated a block petrol with 7-liter displacement and configuration V8 yielded a total power that ranged from 550 hp to 750 hp.

As they say, what is past is past is, and Saleen wants to look into the eyes of his future. To do this, will the imminent Salon Automobile Los Angeles will be your new model, the sporty S1. The development of this vehicle part of the base of the Artega GT, which in turn was a profound modification of the Lotus Evora. However, this does not mean that the engineers of the american household would not have included the necessary changes so that practically one can speak of a model of self-development.

the body of The Saleen S1 will be comprised of carbon fiber in its most. Thanks to the use of this material and the lightness will also be one of its strong points allowing you to reach 290 kilometers per hour maximum speed. Under the hood will be block tetracilĂ­ndrico, which assembles the Ford Focus RS and Mustang EcoBoost with 2.3 liters of displacement. However, instead of delivering 350 hp, offered on the Focus RS, it will increase your power up to 450 hp and 576 Nm of torque.

The Saleen S1 will be manufactured in China in the plant of Jiangsu Saleen Automotive Technology Co. These facilities have been assumed for the brand, and Jiangsu joint investment of 2,680 million dollars. Its production capacity is 150 thousand units per year to be split between the S1 and several new models that will arrive in the range (between which there is a SUVS and several luxury vehicles).

Source – Saleen

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