Sales 2016 Ecuador, So closed the year by brands

During the year 2016, the sales in Ecuador had a new recoil, the most obvious of the region behind only Venezuela. It sold a total of 63.555 units.

Las sales of cars in Ecuador are not going through a good time and during the year 2016 were sold a total of 63.555 units, a figure which represents a decline of 22% compared to the previous year, marking the second decline in the sales most important of the region, below Venezuela, where sales collapsed with a fall of over 80%.

passenger cars have been those that succeeded in the market share the highest, reaching the 27.771 units, while the crossovers and SUVs achieved the second position with a total of 17.045 delivered vehicles to new owners. The third place in terms of participation in the market was for pick ups, with a total of 11.071 units.

with Respect to the marks, the absolute leader has been Chevrolet, with a total of 28.375 units, followed by Kia with 8 486 reportable and Hyundai in the third place with 4.930 vehicles. Among the few brands that ended the year in positive find to Honda (+51.53%), Renault (+43.06%), Great Wall (+10.53%) and Kia (+10.40%).

on the contrary, among the brands that marked the largest declines during the year 2016 we find Nissan (-42.11%), Mazda (-35.66%), Chevrolet (-34.64%), Toyota (-21.20%), Hyundai (-14.10%), Volkswagen (-12.5%) and Ford (-7.43%).


  1. Chevrolet 28.375
  2. Kia 8 486 reportable
  3. Hyundai 4.930
  4. Toyota 2.951
  5. Great Wall 2.717
  6. Mazda 2.546
  7. Nissan 2.474
  8. Hind 2.150
  9. Ford 1.644
  10. Renault 1.747
  11. Volkswagen 975
  12. Chery 878
  13. JAC 322
  14. DFSK 321
  15. Zotye 230
  16. Mercedes Benz 215
  17. Honda 205
  18. Citroen 189
  19. Dongfeng 165
  20. BYD 168

For segments the body more chosen has been sedan, although the hatchbacks have been the only ones that have managed to increase their share, with a growth of 17% compared to the previous year, while sedans have fallen 12% and the SUV decreased their sales by 20% compared to the previous year’s figures.

models General Motors leads with their Chevrolet Spark in versions Life and GT, in addition to the Chevrolet Aveo in their versions of Family and Emotion, and to a lesser extent with the Chevrolet Sail, in both sedan body as a Hatchback. Kia Picanto R and Rio have been selling well, as are the Hyundai Grand i10 and Toyota RAV4.

In terms of vehicles assembled locally, the year 2016 was closed with a tie, as 50% of the units registered were produced in Ecuador, while the remaining 50% corresponded to imported vehicles, with 31.775 and 31.780 units respectively.

The recent Trade Agreement with the European Union allowed the elimination of the quota system that governed above, allowing the importing companies carry out their activities in a framework more predictable. In this sense it is hoped that during this 2017 will keep the upward trend evident since the last quarter of 2016 and for the current year is estimated to be sold in Ecuador a few 73.000 units.