Sales April 2017, Venezuela: Toyota leads a market that is not rebounds

With sales of almost testimonials, the venezuelan market accentuates even more his fall. In April only sold 224 units and the fall in year-on-year as it reaches to 26.5%.

Dand the hand of a social and economic crisis has not yet bottomed out, Venezuela is gearing up for another year of disastrous in what is related to the automotive industry. Sales of new cars in Venezuela continue to plummet and during the month of April just sold 224 units.

These figures represent a drop of 23.9% compared to the previous month and 20.1% compared to the same month of the previous year. The sales have already accumulated a fall year-on-year by 26.5%, with a total of just 889 cars delivered to new users so far this 2017.

as for the manufacturers, Toyota has managed to lead the depressed venezuelan market, with a total of 135 units traded, ahead of Ford with 78 vehicles and Jeep with just 8 units, being the brand’s most popular Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, since Dodge has barely managed to deliver two units of your model Forza.

below you will find a brief listing of the few brands that managed to sell some cars in Venezuela during the month of April.


  1. Toyota 135
  2. Ford 78
  3. Jeep 8
  4. Dodge 2
  5. Mack 1

In regards to the models, during the month of April has been the Toyota Hilux who managed to dominate the ranking of sales in Venezuela, followed by the Ford Explorer in the second position and the Toyota Fortuner in the third position.

The market has practically been divided between Toyota and Ford, the japanese brand with their models Hilux, Fortuner and Corolla and Ford Explorer, EcoSport, Fiesta and F-250.


  1. Toyota Hilux 94
  2. Ford Explorer 38
  3. Toyota Fortuner 30
  4. Ford F-250 18
  5. Toyota Corolla 11
  6. Ford EcoSport 9
  7. Jeep Grand Cherokee 8
  8. Ford Fiesta 6
  9. Ford F-350 3
  10. Ford Cargo 815 3
  11. Dodge Forza 2
  12. Ford Cargo 1721 1
  13. Mack Granite 1