Sales in August 2015: Argentina

Classic Chevrolet started during the month of August as the best selling vehicle in Argentina, with 3,186 units sold. Total sales fell 9.87%% from the previous month.


Chevrolet-Classic L a new vehicle sales in Argentina suffered last August a drop of 9.87% , from the previous month, while fell 6.36% from the same month last year. Regarding the year to date, sales recorded a fall that already reaches 13.95%.

During the month of August 2015 were sold in Argentina a total of 54,669 vehicles , a rather low volume if it is in contrast with what happened a few months ago. After the euphoria of recent years, the Argentine market is going back to levels that showed in 2007 , at which they are able to market a total 567 thousand units.

Then sales were growing steadily, until in 2013 reached their peak, to achieve the record of 950 000 units marketed.

The following are the results makes and models, for the month of August.


1 Volkswagen 10,079
2 Ford 8,033
3 Chevrolet 8,017
4 Renault 7,506
5 Toyota 5,874
6 Fiat 5,475
7 Peugeot 2,984
8 Citroen 1,548
9 Mercedes-Benz 1,006
10 Honda 821

Volkswagen , with 10,079 units, re-position itself as the leader of brand ranking and does so with some comfort, since more than two thousand units of the Ford know, that sits in second place. Chevrolet stands at third place, relegating Renault to fourth.

However it should be noted that the second position is well fought between Ford, Chevrolet and Renault as just a few units between them, especially the two American brands.

Volkswagen-Gol TOP 10 CAR

1 Chevrolet Classic 3,186
2 Volkswagen Gol 2,507
3 Ford Fiesta 2,219
4 Ford EcoSport 2,015
Renault Clio 5 Mio 1,989
6 Fiat Palio 1,923
7 Toyota Etios 1,921
8 Ford Focus 1,882
9 Volkswagen Suran 1,555
Toyota Corolla 10 1,435

The ranking of best-selling cars in Argentina underwent some changes last month, although the first position a veteran who is nearing the end of its production cycle started: the Chevrolet Classic, which achieved market a total of 3,186 units.

The second step of the podium was for the Volkswagen Gol, that month is fighting hand in hand with the product of Chevrolet and this time managed to place 2,507 units while the third place was for the Ford Fiesta, with 2,219 units. The data of the month is related to the Fiat Palio , which fell to sixth place, after leading the rankings in recent months. Chevrolet-S-10


1 Toyota Hilux 2,422
2 Volkswagen Amarok 1,742
3 Ford Ranger 1,533
4 Renault Kangoo 1,211
5 Volkswagen Saveiro 555
6 Chevrolet S-10 516
7 Fiat Strada 493
8 Fiat Fiorino 492
9 Peugeot Partner Van 464
10 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 453

Among the commercial vehicle Toyota continues to lead by far in Hilux while the second place stands the Volkswagen Amarok . A step below the Ford Ranger sits while Chevrolet surprises with its S-10 that to ascend to the sixth position.

No one doubts the leadership of Toyota in the segment of business, but the second position which is under discussion with Volkswagen and Ford disputing which of them will end the year with the second best selling pickup Argentine market.


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