Sales in July 2015: Argentina



The Volkswagen Gol is located during the month of July as the best selling vehicle in Argentina, with 2,879 units sold. Total sales were up 3.37% from the previous month


Volkswagen-Gol L a new vehicle sales in Argentina reached last July an increase of 3.37% , from the previous month, but they fell by 2.77% over the same month of the year. Regarding the year to date, sales recorded a fall that has already reached 15.6%.

During the month of July 2015 were sold in Argentina a total of 59 777 vehicles , a rather low volume if it is in contrast with what happened in previous years. To get an idea, the numbers indicate that the Argentine market is retreating to year levels 2007 , when a total of 567 000 cars were sold. Then sales grew steadily to reach its culminating moment in 2013, when a total of 950 000 units sold was achieved.

The following are the results makes and models, for the month of July.


1 Volkswagen 10,089
2 Renault 8,885
3 Ford 7,931
4 Chevrolet 7,478
5 Fiat 6,519
6 Toyota 6,509
7 Peugeot 4,035
8 Citroen 1,881
9 Mercedes-Benz 1,313
10 Nissan 625

Volkswagen , with 10,089 units, continues to lead the comfortable brand ranking , while Ford and Renault keep fighting for second place. While noting that the diamond mark just added new Sandero and Duster to its offer, it is expected a rebound in the remainder of the year, which could bring them even more to the first position.


1 Volkswagen Gol 2,879
2 Chevrolet Classic 2,847
3 Fiat Palio 2,665
4 Ford EcoSport 2,530
5 Ford Fiesta 2,227
6 Toyota Etios 2,126
7 Renault Clio Mio 2,030
8 Renault Sandero II 2,010
9 Ford Focus 1,916
10 Peugeot 208 1,725 ​​

The ranking of the most sold in Argentina underwent some changes last month, although the top remained for an old friend. The Volkswagen Gol, who managed to sell 2,855 units

The second step of the podium was for the Chevrolet Classic, which managed to sell 2,847 units , while the third place was for Fiat Palio with 2,422 units, combining the two generations that are marketed and simultaneously .

Toyota-Hilux-Limited-GoPro-3 TOP 10 BUSINESS

1 Toyota Hilux 2,785
2 Ford Ranger 1,702
3 Volkswagen Amarok 1,514
4 Renault Kangoo 1,358
5 Volkswagen Saveiro 748
6 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 573
7 Peugeot Partner Van 546
8 Fiat Strada 518
9 Fiat Fiorino 491
10 Chevrolet S-10 347

Among the commercial vehicle Toyota continues to lead by far the Hilux while in the second position remains the Ford Ranger . One step below is the Amarok while Chevrolet with its S-10 fight far from the last step of the Top 10.



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