Sales in September 2015: Argentina

Classic Chevrolet was relocated during the month of September as the best selling vehicle in Argentina, with 3,209 units sold. Total sales were up 13.06% over the previous month.


Chevrolet-Classic L a new vehicle sales in Argentina again last September to present positive number, because he managed a growth of 13.06% from the previous month, while measures on-year increase of 9.56% was achieved compared to the same month last year. Regarding the year to date, sales recorded a fall that already reaches 10.93%.

During the month of September 2015 were sold in Argentina a total of 65318 vehicles , a figure that despite the rise, it is still a low volume if it contrasts against what happened a few months only. In so far this year are being marketed 500 602 units in the Argentine market, nearly 11% less than what was achieved last year in the same period.

Nevertheless, September was the second month in the year that sales achieved a positive result, so it is still unknown what will be the end of the year.

The following are the results makes and models, for the month of September.


1 Volkswagen 10,079
2 Ford 8,033
3 Chevrolet 8,017
4 Renault 7,506
5 Toyota 5,874
6 Fiat 5,475
7 Peugeot 2,984
8 Citroen 1,548
9 Mercedes-Benz 1,006
10 Honda 821

Volkswagen-Up Volkswagen , with 12,239 units, he manages to remain a leader in the brand ranking. Almost two thousand five hundred units separate German mark Ford that sits in second place with a total of 9,750 units. Renault Chevrolet returns to displace the third, making a total of 8,434 units sold.

In the fifth and sixth place in the ranking of brands, Fiat and Toyota fight every inch, placing both around seven thousand units sold.


1 Chevrolet Classic 3,209
2 Volkswagen Gol 3,075
3 Fiat Palio 2,699
4 Ford Fiesta 2,631
5 Ford EcoSport 2,573
6 Ford Focus 2,232
7 Toyota Etios 2,196
8 Volkswagen Suran 1,961
9 Renault Clio Mio 1,952
10 Volkswagen UP! 1,925

The ranking of best-selling cars in Argentina remained almost unchanged from the previous month as the Chevrolet Classic again placed in the first position as the best selling vehicle in Argentina. The sedan is approaching the end of their productive guy seems to be altered by the passage of time and managed to stay atop the rankings with 3,209 units sold .

The second step of the podium fly to left for the Volkswagen Gol, a little less than 200 units of product difference General Motors , achieving market a total of 3,075 units . The third managed to climb the Fiat Palio, a total of 2,699 units, displacing the Ford Fiesta to fourth place.

Fiat-Strada-2015-3puertas-3 TOP 10 BUSINESS

1 Toyota Hilux 3,025
2 Volkswagen Amarok 2,004
3 Ford Ranger 1,814
4 Renault Kangoo 1,315
5 Fiat Strada 701
6 Fiat Fiorino 620
7 Chevrolet S-10 601
8 Volkswagen Saveiro 550
9 Peugeot Partner Furgon 448
10 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 441

Among the commercial vehicle Toyota Hilux does not let up as comfortably continues to lead the ranking, managing to place on the market a total of 3,025 units . Meanwhile Volkswagen managed to keep the second position with Amarok, while the third also remained unchanged, with the Ford Ranger.

Here duels occur between Amarok and Ranger and a little below between the lightest commercial Fiat Strada and Volkswagen Saveiro . Last September marked an advantage for the product of Fiat, lie the VW Saveiro continues to lead in the annual ranking.


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