Sales march 2017, Venezuela: A decrease of 92,4%

With sales of almost testimonials, the venezuelan market accentuates even more their depression. In march they sold just 293 units and enrolments compared to the same month of the previous year falling by over 90%.

L political crisis, economic and social Venezuela is still far from having found a point of balance. After a few weeks in which the automotive industry did not bring good news, as the silver General Motors was foreclosed on and the north american company bid farewell to the caribbean country and leaving its passage to 2,700 workers made redundant, the sales of cars continue accentuating its fall.

In the month of march, lace enrolments in Venezuela suffered a decrease of 92.4 per cent compared to the previous year, achieving a total of 293 units delivered to new owners. Sales in 2017 accumulate a total of 665 units, i.e. 28.4% less than in the same period of the year 2016.

In regards to the manufacturers, Ford has been anyone who has managed to dominate the rankings, achieving a total de185 units, ahead of Toyota with 101 vehicles and Jeep with only 5 units, completing the brief ranking Mack with 2 units.

below you will find a brief listing of the few brands that managed to sell some cars in Venezuela during the month of march.


  1. Ford 185
  2. Toyota 101
  3. Mack 2
  4. Jeep 4
  5. Dodge 1

In regards to the models, during the month of march, the Ford Explorer has been the one who managed to dominate the ranking of sales, followed by the Ford F-250 in the second place, and the Toyota Hilux jan third place.


  1. Ford Explorer 64
  2. Ford F-250 51
  3. Toyota Hilux 49
  4. Toyota Fortuner 36
  5. Ford EcoSport 33
  6. Toyota Corolla 16
  7. Ford Fiesta 11
  8. Ford Cargo 815 11
  9. Ford Cargo 1721 9
  10. Ford F-350 6
  11. Jeep Grand Cherokee 4
  12. Mack Granite 2
  13. Dodge Forza 1