Sales march 2106, Brazil: Honda surprises once more with the HR-V

The role during the past month of march in Brazil was linked to two models are not conventional. The Honda HR-V was consolidated in the fourth position among the most sold and the Fiat Bull managed to be placed among the 20 most sold in Brazil.

Honda-HR-V-MercosurAndl brazilian market is not going through its best moment, and several months ago that the sales figures of cars in Brazil come closing with negative results. In the past month, demarco unfortunately was not the exception, as it barely managed to enroll 173.275 units, including passenger cars, crossovers, suvs and light commercial. These figures mean a decrease of 23.3% compared to the same month of the previous year.

In relation to brands, not hub variations with respect to February, but Chevrolet which manages to be located in the first position, although Fiat was a bit further away than the previous month, this time to 1,400 units of distance. Highlight the excellent results of Honda, thanks to the crossover HR-V

Fiat-Toro-4once more, the brands of the PSA Group fail to take off, with Peugeot and Citroën in the positions number 11 and 12, respectively. Probably with the recent renewal of the Peugeot 208 and with the improvements in a short time more will take the Citroën C3, the figures are a little better in the second half of the year.

Among the brands that recorded a growth in march have been Audi, that leads between the premium and that the past month had an improvement compared to February. On the contrary, and despite leading the ranking of the most sold, Both Chevrolet as Fiat and Volkswagen showed negative figures, with a fall of 27%, 37% and 35% respectively.

Chevrolet-Onix-EffectTOP 20 BRANDS MARCH

  1. Chevrolet 26.986
  2. Fiat 25.586
  3. Volkswagen 22.657
  4. Hyundai 17.310
  5. Toyota 16.912
  6. Ford 15.470
  7. Renault 12.861
  8. Honda 11.469
  9. Nissan 5.015
  10. Jeep 4.408
  11. Peugeot 2.500
  12. Citroën 2.265
  13. Mitsubishi 2.201
  14. Audi 1.545
  15. Mercedes 1.255
  16. Kia 790
  17. BMW 774
  18. Land Rover 674
  19. Lifan 407
  20. Suzuki 321
  21. Volvo 268

Ford-Ka-S-1.5-2016-1In terms of models has been once more the Chevrolet Onix which has been located in the first position, followed by the Hyundai HB20 and by the Ford Ka in the third position. Surprised the Honda HR-V climbing up to the fourth position among the most sold in Brazil, while the Toyota Corolla is the one that completes the Top5.


  1. Chevrolet Onix 12.192
  2. Hyundai HB20 10.475
  3. Ford Ka 7.224
  4. Honda HR-V 6.059
  5. Toyota Corolla 5.984
  6. Chevrolet Prism 5.411
  7. Fiat Strada 5.357
  8. Volkswagen Gol 5.296
  9. Volkswagen Fox-CrossFox 5.228
  10. Fiat Palio 4.715
  11. Jeep Renegade 4.284
  12. Renault Sandero 4.254
  13. Fiat Uno 3.950
  14. Hyundai HB20S 3.936
  15. Volkswagen Up! 3.791
  16. Fiat Siena 3.781
  17. Toyota Etios Hatch 3.580
  18. Toyota Hilux 3.442
  19. Fiat Bull 3.080
  20. Volkswagen Saveiro 3.040
  21. Chevrolet Cobalt 2.488
  22. Toyota Etios Sedan 2.452
  23. Honda Fit 2334 Trees
  24. Ford Ecosport 2.327
  25. Volkswagen Voyage 2.293
  26. Renault Logan 2.240
  27. Renault Duster 2.187
  28. Renault Clio 2.007
  29. Nissan Versa 1.978
  30. Chevrolet S10 1,930 Applied –

Volkswagen is not going through a good time in Brazil. The Goal, a model that knew how to lead the ranking brazilian for years, were ranked in the eighth position, while the Up! it fell to number 15.

Highlights the performance of the Fiat Bull, which in its second month on the market managed to climb to position number 19, with more than 3,000 units sold, a position below the Toyota Hilux and ahead of models such as Chevrolet S10 and Renault Duster Oroch.

however the Fiat Strada suffers with the arrival of the Bull, reducing to almost half its sales over the same month of the previous year, although it is worth noting that a year ago the brazilian market enjoyed better health than at present.


Author: Adrian

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