Sales November 2016, Venezuela: Ford and Toyota to share the market

The past month of November were sold in Venezuela a total of 236 vehicles, with sales, which remained stable compared to the previous month, a decline that throughout the year already exceeds 80%.

Dver the past month of November the registrations in Venezuela remained stable, reaching the 236 units, namely 81.8% lower than the same month of the previous year. If we consider the figures accumulated in the year, there was a fall of 82.4% compared with the same period of the previous year.

During the first eleven months of the year have been sold in Venezuela a total of 2.833 units, quite far from the 16.115 vehicles sold in the same period of 2015 and at an enormous distance from the 491.899 vehicles that were able to be placed on the market in the year 2007.

With respect to trademarks, once more has been Ford that has managed to dominate the market, managing to place a total of 106 vehicles, standing at the first position in the ranking of manufacturers. In the second position is placed back Toyota, with a total of 103 units delivered to new owners

below you will find a brief list of the only brands that were able to sell cars in Venezuela during the past month of November.


  1. Ford 106
  2. Toyota 103
  3. Scania 27

With respect to the models, this time the Toyota Fortuner has been the model that managed to dominate the ranking, followed by the Toyota Corolla in the second position, while in third place sits the Ford Explorer. Are just nine models that have been active in the venezuelan market during the past month of November, and as it happens since months ago, many of them are commercial vehicles.

The market over the past month has been split between Toyota and Ford, although with a slight increase important of the japanese brand, already very close to the first position.


  1. Toyota Fortuner 47
  2. Toyota Corolla 36
  3. Ford Explorer 30
  4. Scania Truck 27
  5. Ford EcoSport 26
  6. Ford Fiesta 22
  7. Toyota Hilux 20
  8. Ford F-250 14
  9. Ford F-350 14