Sales October 2015: Argentina

The Volkswagen Gol is placed during the past month of October as the vehicle most sold in Argentina, with 3.075 units sold. Total sales declined 11.4 % over the previous month.

Volkswagen-Gol-TrendLsale of new motor vehicles in the Argentina returned to show negative figures during the past month of October, as compared to the previous month plummeted 11.4%, while measures in the form year-on-year, there was a climb that reached 7.9% compared to the same month of 2014. With respect to the accumulated of the year, the sales recorded a fall that already reaches to 9%.

During the month of October 2015 were sold in Argentina to a total of 58.804 vehicles, which means that so far this year we have managed to put a total of 560.644 vehicles, a volume that continues to be under if you are contrasting it against what was happening one or two years ago and that with respect to what had been achieved last year during the same period, means a decline of 9%.

according to what is indicated by analysts of the sector and despite the sharp fall, this year could close with a total of 600 thousand units sold.

the following are The results by brands and models, corresponding to the past month of October.


1 Volkswagen 11.367
2 Ford 8.383
3 Renault 7.680
4 Chevrolet 6.907
5 Fiat of 6380
6 Toyota 6.291
7 Peugeot 4.813
8 Citro├źn 1.961
9 Mercedes-Benz 1.103
10 Nissan 704

Volkswagen-Vento-Argentina-Xenon-LED-2014With a total of 11.367 units sold, Volkswagen was ranked again in the top position in the ranking brands. In the second place re-positioned Ford, total 8.383 units, while Renault manages to retain the third place, managing to put 7.680 units.

In the fifth and sixth place Fiat and Toyota continue with their fight hand to hand, while the novelty of the month had to do with Honda, that fell to the 12th position, out of the ranking of the 10 brands most sold in Argentina.


1 Volkswagen Gol 3.075
2 Chevrolet Classic 2.290
3 Toyota Etios 2.224
4 Fiat Palio 2.202
5 Ford EcoSport 2.188
6 Ford Focus 2.176
7 Renault Clio Mio 2.117
8 Volkswagen Suran 1.896
9 Ford Fiesta 1.809
10 Peugeot 208 1.682

Toyota-Etios-PlatinumThe ranking of the cars most sold in Argentina suffered some alterations from the previous month as the Volkswagen Gol was the model who managed to be in the first place, with little more than 3 thousand units sold. The Chevrolet Classic in both, it is ranked in the second place with 2.290 units.

The note of the month was given by the Toyota Etios, which managed to take third place in the ranking, coming to a little less than 100 units of the second, totalling 2.224 vehicles. Fiat Palio and the Ford EcoSport complete the list of the five best-selling.


1 Toyota Hilux 2.548
2 Volkswagen Amarok 2.115
3 Ford Ranger 1.732
4 Renault Kangoo 835
5 Fiat Strada 711
6 Fiat Fiorino 686
7 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 593
8 Peugeot Partner 513
9 Volkswagen Saveiro 489
10 Chevrolet S-10 366

Toyota-Hilux-Limited-GoPro-3Among the commercial vehicles there was no novelty, since, like that which occurs from months ago, the Toyota Hilux returns to lead with the ease of the ranking, managing to place a total of 2.548 units, despite the fact that in a few days more will hit the market its second generation. For its part, the Volkswagen Amarok managed to stay in the second position, like Ford with its Ranger.

last month, however, Volkswagen managed to surpass Ford, bearing in mind that during the months prior to the Amarok and Ranger were very even. However, measuring the accumulated of the year, the Ford product manages to overcome the Volkswagen by a few units.

Among the commercial more light the Fiat Strada manages to outrun the Volkswagen Saveiro for several units, although in the first nine months of the year, the product of Volkswagen remains as the most sold.

Author: Adrian

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