Sales October 2016, Venezuela: Ford continues to lead

The past month of October were sold in Venezuela a total of 235 vehicles, with sales that fell briefly versus the previous month, but falling by more than 80% in the first nine months of the year.

ford-explorerDver the past month of October the sale of new cars in Venezuela had a small kick up the 235 units, namely 61% lower than the same month of the previous year and 13.1% below that in the month of September.

In terms of the accumulated of the year, the decline has already reached to 82.5% if you contrast the figures against the previous year, while the fall is even more scandalous if consideration is given to the previous years. During the first ten months of the year were sold in Venezuela a total of 2.597 vehicles, figures very close to the 17.585 units with which closed the year 2015 and if you compare the figures with what was happening ten years ago is when you understand the magnitude of the venezuelan crisis. In the year 2006 were enrolled 343.351 vehicles in Venezuela, is about 100 times more than in 2016.

In relation to trademarks, in October was once again Ford who managed to get the first place, with a total of 164 units delivered to new owners, while Toyota stood in the second place, with 83 vehicles.

below you will find the brief listing of the unique three brands that managed to sell cars in Venezuela during the past month of October.



  1. Ford 146
  2. Toyota 83
  3. Mack 6

With respect to the models, Ford has managed to lead the ranking with Your SUV Explorer in the first position in the ranking. It follows the Toyota Hilux in the second place, while in third place sits the Ford F-350. Are only ten different models that have moved the venezuelan market in October and as has already been happening for the past few months, most of it is commercial vehicles.

like what happened throughout the year, Ford is the brand that is imposed, hogging more than half of the short list of models sold during the past month.



  1. Ford Explorer 45
  2. Toyota Hilux 39
  3. Ford F-350 34
  4. Toyota Fortuner 28
  5. Ford F-250 22
  6. Ford Fiesta 19
  7. Ford EcoSport 17
  8. Toyota Corolla 16
  9. Ford Cargo 1721 9
  10. Mack Granite 6