Sales of cars in China during the past 2016 were as well

Ventas China 2016 Wuling Hongguang

we All know that China is the largest car market in the world so much for brands as for sales, however the figures that there is handled are really dizzying. If until recently the united States was the first market in the world with about 15 million units sold (average), the asian country has overtaken. Besides, it is not that it has been only surpassed, but it is the first country in the world on passing the 20 million units sold in 12 months.

According to Faconauto, in China for the past year 2016 have been sold nothing more and nothing less than 28,03 million cars new. Yes, the figure may make you feel dizzy, but the reality is that with such a high volume of population and brands of cars to choose from, there seems to be nothing outlandish. According to statistics, with respect to the past year 2015, the sales have grown nothing less than 17 percent, representing the increase more strong from the year 2013.

Ventas China 2016 GAC Trumpchi

If we dive into how they have been dealt in the market the different brands, we can see that Volkswagen is the most sold. The German firm has been able to deliver in the past year 3.006.215 units and takes nothing less than 1.700.000 units of distance. In second and third place with 1.229.804 and 1.196.664 of units sold we have to Buick and Honda respectively.

Close the top five firms Changan and Hyundai with 1.149.820 and 1.142.016 units sold respectively. As we can see with the exception of Changan firms that dominate with an iron fist the market are foreign, checking the taste of the chinese consumer. However, are chinese firms that are growing at a faster rate than the european or american.

As shown we can see that the most growth are Zoyte with a 54.1 per cent, Baojun with a 51.2 percent, Geely with 46.3 percent, Haval with 41.6 percent and closes the list Changan with a right to 22.6 percent. On the opposite side are the firms that have closed by 2016 losing sales as they are Great Wall with a -66 percent, Lifan with a -20,6 percent, FAW with a -17,8 per cent, Citroën with a -16,6% percent, Chevrolet with a -15,4 percent, Peugeot with a -14,1% and Mitsubishi with a -5,3 percent.

Ventas China 2016 Peugeot 408

we Close the review by the chinese market knowing what are the three best selling models in the country. In the first place with more than 650,000 units sold is the Wuling Hongguang. The silver in this podium is for the Haval H6 with 580.683 units and the bronze is for the Volkswagen Lavida with 478.699 units registered. In addition, as a curiosity to say that the Child is the vehicle most sold in the chinese market.

Source – Faconauto