Sales of cars occasion close by 2016 with an increase of 12,3%

Ventas de Coches de Ocasión - Diciembre 2016

sales of cars of the occasion were closed by 2016 with a rise of 12.3%.

few days Ago we already anticipate that the sales of cars occasion close in the past year by 2016 with a growth of almost two digits. And finally the figures have surpassed the initial forecasts. The sales of vehicles of occasion recorded a rise of 12.3% over the 2016 according to data published by the Institute of Studies of Automotive sector (IEA) for the Federation of Associations of Dealers of the Automotive sector (FACONAUTO). In total sold 1.941.073 cars of occasion.

These data yield a ratio of sales of used vehicles compared to new cars 1.7 to 1. The same difference left to us by the year 2015. In part, it has kept this figure due to the increase in that have had the registrations in Spain during the last financial year which, remember, closed with 1.153.654 cars sold.

For the patronal of the dealers, the year 2016 has been characterized mainly by the prominence that have had employee’s cars less than three years, whose operations have registered a sharp increase of 32.6 per cent, accounting for almost 20% of the total of the transfers made in the automotive industry as of occasion in Spain. In addition, continue to be the type of vehicle the more it costs to cover the concessionaires and purchases, since, according to data from the consulting firm MSI, dragged to a lack of stock of 33,000 units.

Ventas de Coches de Ocasión - Diciembre 2016

The boom of the employee’s car of up to three years set the trend in the sector of the VO in 2016. Photo: 20Minutos.

moreover, during 2016, we have been witnesses of how has intensified the aging of the second hand cars are transferred, as 55% of the operations exceeded the barrier of ten years old. Its sales increased 13.9% compared to the previous year. The average age of the cars transferred in Spain during the past year has been 10.8 years, a trend that, according to several organizations, has until 2017 to exceed 11 years of age on average.

In regards to the cars of opportunity of between five and ten years of age, his sales have earned a negative rate, because they have fallen 1.8% and 19% of the total while the vehicles in the occasion between three and five years has also garnered a negative print with a decrease of 0.2%, to stand at 7% of the total number of transfers performed in our market.

Going to analyze the sales
cars of occasion in 2016 by autonomous communities
, we see that all
shed positive data. The largest growth took place in Castilla-La Mancha (+20,2%),
followed by Comunidad de Madrid (+14%), Andalucía (+13,6%), the Balearic islands (+13.5 per cent) and
Valencian community and the Balearic islands (+13%). At the other end of the scale
we got to the Canary islands and Asturias (+9,3%), Basque Country (+8,4%), Cantabria (+7.8%) and Ceuta
and Melilla (+1.2%) to as the Spanish regions where grew the least the
sales of used during the past year.

Ventas de Coches de Ocasión - Diciembre 2016

All of the autonomous communities closed down by 2016 with growth in the sales of used cars.

Sales of Cars Occasion at 2016

Autonomous Community 2016 % Difference % s/ Total Nacional
Andalucía 341.101 13,6 17,6
Aragón 49.230 10,7 2,5
Asturias 41.903 9,3 2,2
Baleares 57.456 13,5 3,0
Canarias 88.166 9,3 4,5
Cantabria 22.983 7,8 1,2
Castile Mancha 95.661 20,2 4,9
Castile and León 99.317 10,9 5,1
Cataluña 318.231 11,1 16,4
Ceuta/Melilla 8.590 1,2 0,4
Community Valenciana 200.689 13,0 10,3
Extremadura 47.062 11,9 2,4
Galicia 114.825 10,6 5,9
The Rioja 12.438 10,3 0,6
Madrid 273.198 14,0 14,1
Murcia 64.281 11,8 3,3
Navarra 29.050 10,7 1,5
Country Vasco 76.892 8,4 4,0
TOTAL 1.941.073 12,3 100,0