Sales of cars occasion close in October 2016, with a rise of 17%

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sales of cars occasion recorded a rise of 17% in October 2016.

In the absence of a very few days to the end of the current month of October 2016, forecast that is shuffled from different sources in the sector point out that the sales of cars of occasion in Spain logged more than 173,000 transfers of vehicles between private individuals and professionals, which will result in an increase of over 17% compared to the same period last year 2015.

Some associations such as Ganvam or Faconauto, highlight that after the completion of the Plan PIVE it is expected that during this last quarter of 2016 will revitalize the market of automobile occasion because the average price of new cars is growing, with reason, that the incentive plans for the purchase of efficient vehicles are no longer available (referring to the PIVE).

on the other hand, and going to analyze the forecasts of sales of cars occasion by sections of ages during this month of October. The employee’s cars up to 12 months of age will grow 31.6% compared to 2015, with more than 22,300 units sold. For its part, the number of transfers of vehicles of occasion of between 1 and 2 years it is to be located near the 7.900 units, which will represent an increase of 52,1%.

Evolución mensual del Total mercado respecto al año 2015

monthly Evolution of the Total market of the vehicle of occasion compared to the year 2015.

Going to the employee’s cars of between two and three years, the consultant MSI expects its sales to grow 55.1% with more than 4,500 units. The stretch of 3-5 years will grow by 8.2% by placing your units transferred over 12,000, while already entering the second-hand vehicles of a greater age, we see that the cars between 6 and 10 years of antiquity, their sales will grow by 4.8% 33.151 units.

The cars from the occasion of over ten years will 92.500 transfers, which will entail an increase of sales of 17.7%. Seeing these figures, we realize the importance of having the employee’s cars and a short-age during this last half of the year, since they are used cars, whose sales growth are registering.

In regards to the estimates global market of the vehicle of occasion, is expected to close the current year with a total of 1.748.422 units transferred, which will result in a growth of sales of second-hand cars from 6.9% with respect to the transfers recorded during the past year 2015.