Sales of cars occasion grow 12.8% through August

Ventas de Coches de Ocasión en España - Agosto 2016

sales of cars occasion grow 12.8% through August of 2016.

The Institute of Studies of Automotive sector (IEA) has published the data of sales of cars of occasion in Spain until the last month of August. During the first eight months of the year, sales of vehicles of occasion accumulate a growth of 12.8% with a total of 1.229.571 transfers registered at our marketplace. A figure that, the ratio of sales of cars occasion for new cars stands at 1.5 to 1. In this case, there is variation with respect to the ratio of the same period of last year.

keep up this rate of sales of cars occasion, everything does indicate that close by 2016, with a growth above 5%, which would allow the market of second-hand cars to stay at the gates of the two million units sold. Factors such as the completion of the Plan PIVE 8 will have a direct impact on the growth of sales of VO in the remainder of the year.

Between the months of January and August, the sales of employee’s cars, also known as “young people” are the ones that grew the most, thus becoming the real engine of the market of occasion. And is that, during the first eight months of this year recorded a growth of 30.8% respectively.

Ventas de Coches de Ocasión en España - Agosto 2016

market Distribution of VO for seniority up to August 2016. Graph of iOn Communication.

despite the fact that sales of cars occasion nearly twice the pace of growth of the so-called “car mileuristas”, vehicles of occasion, with over ten years of age continue to represent the majority of the market. 55% of the total of the sales recorded so far in fiscal 2016.

on the other hand, and during these months of 2016, we see that the sales of used of more than ten years of dealers and sales grew 30.2% as of August, nearly triple the number of sales between private individuals. A trend that is continuing in this line as in previous months. This is contributing to the professional channel continues to gain ground. Today, 6 of every 10 transactions registered in the sector of the VO are made between individuals.

in Addition, these sales data reveal that it is recovering the stock of used cars enterprise, although the time is still insufficient to meet all demand. Purchases of cars of occasion intended for fleet corporate have grown 47% compared to the same period last year 2015.

Transfers cars of occasion January-August 2016

CCAA 2016 % Difference % s/ Total Nacional
Andalucía 218.203 15,5 17,7
Aragón 32.042 12,4 2,6
Asturias 26.795 9,7 2,2
Baleares 36.697 12,3 3,0
Canarias 57.481 9,0 4,7
Cantabria 14.521 5,8 1,2
Castile Mancha 57.006 15,2 4,6
Castile and León 63.686 10,9 5,2
Cataluña 195.633 10,7 15,9
Ceuta/Melilla 5.738 0,5 0,5
C. Valenciana 127.881 13,3 10,4
Extremadura 29.958 11,2 2,4
Galicia 72.353 10,5 5,9
The Rioja 8.109 12,2 0,7
Madrid 174.167 17,6 14,2
Murcia 41.610 14,3 3,4
Navarra 18.272 10,1 1,5
Country Vasco 49.149 7,7 4,0
TOTAL 1.229.571 12,8 100,0

In regards to the sales of cars occasion by autonomous communities, we realize that all of them recorded growth of transfers until the month of August. The Community of Madrid leads the growth with an increase of 17.6%. After her, the greatest increases have been registered in Andalucía (+15,5%), Castilla-La Mancha (+15,2%), Murcia (+14,3%), the Valencian Community (+13,3%), Aragon (+12,4%), the Balearic islands (+12,3%), La Rioja (+12.2%) and Extremadura (+11,2%).

on the contrary, Cantabria (+5,8%), Basque Country (+7,7%), Canarias (+9,0%), Asturias (+9.7 per cent) and Navarra (+10,1%) were the autonomous communities where less grew the sales of vehicles of occasion during the first eight months of 2016.